RESOLVED – New Record Creation Problems in Horizon

EDIT 03/21/2017, 9:33 AM – This is your all clear to start importing or creating records in the system once again.  Throughout the day yesterday with the help of SirsiDynix, we had to clear our a number of stuck processes & record locks and were finally able to clear the problem.  We haven’t had any re-occurrences today so far. 

We will be keeping an eye on the system today, and we will let you know if there are any further developments.  Thank you again for your patience.
We’ve been noticing some issues throughout the afternoon of the database crashing or the records not saving when new records are created, either through workforms within Horizon or the import process from OCLC.  We’ve been trying to narrow down the problem.
To aid us in fixing the problem, we ask that you please DO NOT import or otherwise create any new bibs in Horizon until you’ve heard back from us.  Editing existing records does not seem to be a problem.
Thank you for your patience as we work this issue out.  We hope to get back to you with an all clear very soon.

OverDrive Website Updates (February 2017)

OverDrive has made the following changes to the OverDrive catalog:

  • OverDrive will keep a user signed in for longer, eliminating the need for them to sign in each time they visit the digital library. A user will be authenticated in the background when they attempt to borrower, place a hold, or recommend a title.
  • OverDrive Read and OverDrive Listen have been removed within the OverDrive App to simplify the format selection step and allow a user to begin reading and listening more quickly. Exceptions include titles that are only available in the OverDrive Read or OverDrive listen formats, including Read-Alongs–those titles will continue to be available via the app.
  • The Choose a format drop-down on the Loans page has been changed to Download to more clearly communicate the action a user will take.
  • When an eBook or audiobook is borrowed from the title details page, the button now displays Download and the format name, instead of Add to app, to more clearly communicate the action a user will take.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Horizon 7.5.4 Patch Installed

We have installed a Horizon patch provided by SirsiDynix to fix the many bugs introduced by the Horizon 7.5.4 upgrade.  We have tested this patch to confirm that it works but, since many of the bugs in 7.5.4 are not consistently reproducible, we have to rely on SirsiDynix’s assurances that it fixes all the issues.  We will continue to monitor the situation.

As always, if you encounter any problems with Horizon, please contact the Help Desk.  Thank you for your patience.

February 2017 Public Library Borrower Purge

In order to maintain an accurate, up-to-date borrower database in Horizon, SELCO conducts a quarterly purge of records for borrowers that have been:

  • expired for 2 or more years and have no unresolved blocks
  • expired for 2 or more years, have no fines and have manual blocks
  • expired for 5 or more years, have less than 5.00 dollars in fines.

As per the process developed in consultation with the ILS Operations and Technology Policy joint committee, lists of borrower record eligible for purging were emailed to public library Automation Contacts on Wednesday, February 01.  Libraries have two weeks from that date (February 15) to add the Do not purge block to all records they wish to keep in the database.

Network Maintenance on the Evening of Saturday, February 04, 2017

SELCO will be performing maintenance on our internal network on Saturday, February 04, starting at 6:00 pm.  While this work is underway, most services will be unaffected but there are a few exceptions:
  • Requests, placed in both Enterprise and the Horizon staff client, will be unavailable
  • Item statuses in Enterprise will be unavailable
  • My Account in Enterprise will be unavailable
We expect the maintenance to be completed in a few hours barring anything unforeseen.
Thank you for your patience as we work to provide the most robust library technology services possible.

Payment Receipts Issue Resolved

SirsiDynix has released a fix to the payment receipt issue described in our Payment Receipts Issue post of October 26, 2016. After testing, we have implemented this bug fix late last week. All locations now have the borrower barcode printed in their payment receipts. Please contact the SELCO Help Desk with any questions. 
Thank you for your patience as we work with SirsiDynix on the many issues created in the 7.5.4 Horizon upgrade.

Winter 2017 Cooperative Technology Purchase Order Form Posted

Please find below the link for the Winter 2017 Cooperative Purchase online order form. The offerings for this purchase are much like those of the Fall 2016 Cooperative Technology Purchase.

  • We are using an online order form for the Winter 2017 Cooperative Purchase. Please fill it out online, once we receive your order, we will send a confirmation email. Please respond to the confirmation email so that we can ensure your order is correct.
  • We will be offering iPads for purchase in this order. As these devices are very subjective and require user specific iTunes accounts, SELCO cannot provide support for them.
  • We are using Faronics Deep Freeze to lock down the public computers. You will notice this option on the bottom of page one for Deep Freeze, select this if you are planning on getting a public computer or using a Nettop for an iPac computer.
  • Due to the fact that some of our third party software (Pharos, Deep Freeze) are not fully supported on Windows 10 yet, we are not supporting Windows 10 at this time. Computers will still continue to come with Windows 7.
Please submit your orders online by Friday, February 3, 2017. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SELCO Help Desk, thank you.

OverDrive Compatibility

OverDrive recently upgraded more of their services to HTTPS as part of their continued commitment to security and privacy. While this process was seamless and invisible to the vast majority of users, it resulted in compatibility issues for some older devices and software versions. They apologize for the inconvenience, and have provided solutions and alternatives below (wherever possible).

Sony Reader WiFi

Sony Reader WiFi devices no longer allow users to download eBooks directly on the device. Users can still download library eBooks to the Sony Reader software on their computer, then transfer eBooks from their computer to their Sony Reader.

NOOK GlowLight Plus

Users cannot currently open library eBooks that they’ve transferred to the NOOK GlowLight Plus. Barnes & Noble is aware of this problem and working on a fix, which should be released in a future device software update.

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

Some users have had problems downloading eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) 2.0 or below. As a solution, OverDrive recommends always using the latest version of ADE (currently version 4.5). Some Windows XP users have continued to experience issues after upgrading ADE, so they may still have difficulty downloading library eBooks. Microsoft discontinued support for XP in 2014, and unfortunately there is no solution for these users at this time.

A help article with this information is available for you to share with staff and users if needed.

Borrower Release Document

A new feature in Horizon 7.5.4 is the ability to print a Borrower Release document. This function allows a library to print a form declaring a patron free from any outstanding responsibilities to the library.

To work, the borrower must have no blocks (fines, fees, notes, etc.) and no items checked out. Staff members can then go to the checkout window and select File > Print Borrower Release. Horizon will print out a form and place a temporary borrower release block on the patron’s which which will be removed the following night.

Below is an example of what the Borrower Release document looks like. If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact the SELCO Help Desk.

Borrower Release Document

Introducing Libby, a beta app from OverDrive

The following information is for your awareness only–no changes are coming for your library or the existing OverDrive app at this time.

Meet Libby, from OverDrive Labs

Libby Icon

Libby, an app inspired by user and library feedback and designed to get people reading as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Working directly with your library’s virtual branch, Libby is a new option to make sure eBooks and audiobooks are available to be enjoyed and shared by all. And just like the amazing library professionals, Libby guides you along the way. Libby is warm, personal, and friendly, and wants to make it easy for your users to get to reading.

Libby was engineered from the ground up with easy browsing, powerful search, enhanced filters, prominent librarian curation, and an integrated eBook reader and audiobook player with OverDrive Read and OverDrive Listen. Readers are always one tap away from their library, the title they are reading, and their bookshelf. During the Libby beta period, OverDrive will collect and respond to feedback from users and library staff. OverDrive is committed to continue to develop the beta product to include important features for accessibility and localization.

What This Means to You:

To repeat, no changes are coming for the OverDrive site or app at this time. The website, app, and OverDrive Help instructions will continue to promote only the OverDrive app at this time. If you or your users would like to give Libby a try, you can download the app in major app stores beginning today, and OverDrive welcomes your feedback. Because it’s available in the major app stores (under OverDrive Labs), your users may stumble upon it. But rest assured, OverDrive will provide direct end user support for Libby users.