SELCOtv – Database Resources

Online Libraries in the SELCO region have a number of databases available to them provided by SELCO or the state.  These resource are automatically available to patron within the physical library (or just outside if the WiFi covers the parking lot) through IP authentication. They are also available from home or on the move as well. Those provided by SELCO require the library card number and sometimes the PIN to gain access while those from ELM should authenticate anywhere in Minnesota but particularly in border regions, may require the library card number. The SELCO databases also require that the patron be in “good standing:” less than $10 in fines and not too many lost or overdue items.

SELCO Supplied Databases

  • Chilton’s – provides a wide variety of car manuals which cover thousands of models going as far back as 1940
  • Biography in Context – contains more than 600,000 biographical entries on over 528,000 individuals
  • Amazing Animals of the World – offers children of all ages instant and reliable access to information about the animal kingdom and its place in the world
  • America the Beautiful – state-by-state history and current events geared towards elementary and middle school students
  • Lands and Peoples – countries, cultures, and current events around the globe designed for middle and high school students
  • The New Book of Popular Science – science intensive collection of information appropriate for middle and high school students
  • La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre – comprehensive database for Spanish speakers and Spanish language students

ELM Database Highlights*

*Minitex handles the ELM resources including subscription and support so these may be subject to change without notice.