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The 2015 Poetic Strokes & Word Flow Anthology

From 2010 to 2015, SELCO conducted an annual regional poetry contest to demonstrate the artistic and literary heritage of libraries and poets in Southeastern Minnesota.  

Due to a reduction in Legacy funding for FY2016, SELCO has decided to retire the project from its offerings as of September 2015.

While the competition was still running the general information regarding the competition was listed as follows:  

Poetic Strokes is a competition dedicated to adults ages 19+, while Word Flow is dedicated to teens ages 14-18.  Once all entries are submitted, a panel of judges for each competition evaluates the entries and the final selections are compiled into a single Poetic Strokes & Word Flow anthology.  Copies of the anthology are provided to the contributing poets, area libraries and local and state legislators in the spring to coincide with National Poetry Month in April.  

The Poetic Strokes & Word Flow website has more detailed information as to how the project ran.  Please also see the Anthologies Archive page for information regarding available copies and reports over the years.