SELCO, Southeastern Libraries Cooperating, and SELS, Southeast Library System, our sister organization, share geographic boundaries and foster cooperation among all types of libraries in the 11 southeastern counties.

SELCO (Southeastern Libraries Cooperating)

SELCO was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit corporation and is governed by a Board of Directors. SELS contracts with SELCO to provide multitype library services and is governed by the same Board. This integrated approach to regional library service ensures a high level of efficiency and effective communication.

SELCO is one of Minnesota’s twelve Regional Library Systems. The membership is comprised of a federation of locally autonomous public libraries and 11 counties. This unique blend of rural and urban members presents challenges and surprises in meeting the diverse needs of the consortium members and the patrons served by the libraries.

SELCO partners with participating libraries to ensure equitable access to quality service. SELCO solicits member input when designing and providing services. The current product line includes:

  • Managing a variety of technology services that includes operating the regional integrated library system for the resource sharing of over 3.5 million items.
  • Providing delivery among libraries and handling approximately 3,500 daily.
  • Providing public and staff access to the Internet and managing a wide-are telecommunications network.
  • Licensing a variety of electronic resources to supplement conventional library materials and free online sources.
  • Providing continuing education opportunities to library staff, trustees, and library volunteers.
  • Advocating on behalf of libraries with local, state, and national elected and appointed officials.
  • Supporting library programs for library patrons of all ages, as  well as support Library Legacy activities through Minnesota’s unique Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
  • Undertaking grant writing to supplement SELCO basic operational budget and programs. 

SELS is one of Minnesota’s seven  multicounty, multitype library systems. The voluntary  membership is comprised of over 120 academic, public, school, and special libraries. SELS contracts with SELCO to provide support for all types of libraries in these key areas:

  • Continuing education
  • Electronic resources including eResources
  • Interlibrary loan & Delivery
  • SELCO integrated library system
  • Library staff scholarships