Annual Reports

SELCO produces a brief published summary of accomplishments and financial data from each fiscal year.

Strategic Plan

The joint SELCO/SELS Strategic Plan is a crucial tool in guiding ongoing services and developing new projects.  The SELCO staff, Board of Directors, and library members, often with outside assistance, undertake an organization-wide planning process every three years.  The Board of Directors receives regular updates on the achievement of organizational goals. The joint SELCO/SELS Strategic Plan for FY2019-2021 was approved by the SELCO/SELS Board on April 24, 2018.

Disaster Plan

As a major provider of technology, SELCO diligently works to ensure information system uptime, data integrity and availability, and service continuity for the Online Libraries and SELCO employees.  In the eventuality of a major service loss due to natural disaster, the Information Services Disaster Plan delineates policies and procedures for technology disaster recovery including recovery of critical platforms and the telecommunications infrastructure.  SELCO will modify this plan and take the necessary actions to ensure physical safety of our people, our systems, and our data.