The joint SELCO/SELS Strategic Plan for FY2019-2021 is in development now. We have engaged a consultant, Rich Frazier, of IPM Advancement, to guide the process. An Extended Strategic Planning Committee has been created and includes the existing Strategic Planning Committee plus representatives from libraries.

The process began with a survey sent to SELCO Board members, member Library Directors, and SELCO staff in November 2017. A series of Focus Groups was held throughout the region in December to expand upon the survey results.

The results of the Focus Groups was shared with the Extended Strategic Planning Committee in early 2018.  On February 1, 2018, the Extended Strategic Planning Committee met, along with 5 additional members, to craft goals for the strategic plan using information from the survey and focus group sessions as a guide.

Current Strategic and Technology Plan (FY2015 – FY2018)


SELCO/SELS Strategic and Technology Plan FY2015 – FY2018





Original Planning Process