blue foler with paper flipped LargeThe SELCO/SELS Board of Directors reviews all personnel and organizational policies on a regular schedule.  Revisions also occur as relevant changes are made in state and/or Federal law.

The policies pertaining to personnel management are not considered an employment contract or guarantee of employment.  They are solely intended to give eligible employees a short description of general employment practices and working conditions. 

SELCO is an at-will employer.  The employment relationship may be terminated at any time by either the employee or the organization for any reason or for no reason at all, with or without notice.  Personnel policies are applied at the discretion of management and may be applied, amended or withdrawn at any time within the limitations of applicable statutes.


 Policy  Date Reviewed/Revised
Absence Without Notice  October  2016
Borrower Data Privacy  April 2018
Building January 2018
Collection Development  January 2017
Conflict of Interest January 2019
Credit Cards  April 2019
Drug Free Workplace  January 2017
Emergency Preparedness  April 2018
Employee Dismissal  January 2018
Equal Employment Opportunity Statement  October 2017
Equipment Use  October 2017
Expenses: SELCO Paid and/or Reimbursable April 2019
Fixed Assets  April 2019
General Employment Statement  January 2018
Hiring Practices: New Hires and Nepotism  October 2016
Holidays   January 2018
Insurance Program  October 2017
Internet Safety   January 2017
Investments  January 2019
Leaves of Absence   January 2019
Net Asset Reserve  January 2019
Online Communication   January 2017
Outside Employment   April 2019
Payroll   January 2019
Performance and Exhibit   January 2016
Personnel Records and Performance Evaluations

 October 2016
Political Activity  April 2018 
Prohibiting Firearms at Work (Conceal and Carry)  January 2019
Record Retention  January 2019
Resignation and Exit Interview 

 January 2019

Respectful Workplace and Sexual Harassment   April 2016
Retirement Plan   January 2017
SELCO Library Foundation Conflict of Interest August 2012
SELCO Library Foundation Gambling Sponsorship or Operations August 2015
SELCO Library Foundation Investment Directives  August 2015
SELCO Library Foundation Mutual of America Investments May 2013
Sick Leave   April 2019
Staff Consultant and Production Costs   October 2017
Staff Development January 2019
Tuition Reimbursement   January 2018
Vacation   October 2017
Vehicle   April 2019
Voting Leave   April 2018
Work From Home April 2018
Workplace   October 2017