Call your Senator – SF 1033

Please contact your Senator about including SF 1033 in the Senate Omnibus Education Finance bill. Time is of the essence!  Regional library systems systems need your support for the requested funding increases. Hearing from constituents is important for this issue.

 Don’t know what to say? Here are some talking points–feel free to customize/tailor as you wish:

  • No new dollars have been invested in Minnesota library systems since FY2009.
  • Due to the nature of the current formula, SELCO has lost over $500,000 in the past six years resulting in stressed services for libraries.  
  • The library systems provide the foundation for Minnesota residents to access cooperative statewide services including MNLINK interlibrary loan, ELM databases, reciprocal borrowing privileges, Overdrive eBooks, training, and support.

If your Senator is not on the Committee, ask her/him to ask their colleagues to include SF 1033 in the omnibus education finance bill.Senate Information:

Don’t know your Senator? Find them here: