House Education Bill Released

The following information was shared via email with the library community on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 by Sam Walseth, Capitol Hill Associates, in his role as the MLA-ITEM lobbyist.

The House Education Finance Committee released a copy of their draft omnibus education finance and policy bill this morning.

Click here to link to the document

The bill provides $50,000 in each of the next two fiscal years (2018 and 2019) for the Center for the Book, but doesn’t include this funding in the on-going state government base.

Unfortunately, the bill doesn’t include any of our proposed RLBSS and Multitype funding request.

For schools, the bill reduces compensatory aid as a means to provide some additional funding on the basic formula. The bill adds 1.3% and then 1.6% on the basic formula for all kids.

The bill is a far cry from what Governor Dayton will sign into law. It’s the House GOP’s starting point for end game negotiations with the administration.

The bill spends an additional $257 million over the next two years on E-12 programs. The Governor has proposed an additional $709 million over the same period.

Samuel P. Walseth, Capitol Hill Associates