Legislative Update: Second Deadline

The following information was shared via email with the library community on Monday, March 13, 2017 by Sam Walseth, Capitol Hill Associates, in his role as the MLA-ITEM lobbyist.

Second Deadline Week:
Today begins the start of the second bill deadline week. The first bill deadline was last Friday. Policy committees and many finance committees are wrapping hearings on individual bill requests this week. We’re being told the House will finalize their budget plan later this week and then next Monday will adopt a formal budget resolution. The Senate is likely to follow suit. Whether or not the budget plans become public this week is still uncertain.

Regional Library Basic System Support (RLBSS) & Multitype bill HF 1382:
The Senate reviewed our bill several weeks ago, but we need the House Education Finance committee to hear it soon, most likely by the end of this week. It’s sounding like next week the finance committees will begin rolling out their omnibus bills next week.

SF 210, which contains $2 million for library construction grants, is on the Senate floor, meaning it’s been through the committee process and is waiting for leadership to clear it for a final vote. The House has yet to produce a bonding bill.

We had a wonderful hearing in the House Legacy committee a week ago tonight. Thanks to Barb Misselt and Ann Hokanson for providing testimony.

The Senate Legacy committee is likely to start hearing bill requests next week.

Capitol Hill Associates