The SELCO/SELS Board of Directors meets quarterly as a full Board in July, October, January and April.  An elected Executive Committee addresses fiscal and policy decisions during the intervening months.  All meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Refer to the Meeting Materials webpage for specific information items under consideration.

By Minnesota Statutes the SELCO Board of Directors serves in a dual role as the SELS governing authority. In this capacity, the SELCO/SELS Board of Directors also has fiscal oversight and sets policies affecting regional multitype services.


For a complete list of Board Members and their appointing agency, as well as a link to the Job Description for Members of the SELCO Board of Directors, click here.

Each year at the annual meeting of the Corporation, the Board elects an Executive Committee to act between quarterly board meetings. The seven member Executive Committee consists of three Officers plus four Members-at-Large.  For a list of the Executive Committee membership, click here.