What Does That Mean?

There’s a new program on SELCOtv! What Does That Mean? is a very short (about a minute) program featuring definitions of library and technology terms.  Ever wondered what we means when she refers to SQL?  Or tried to explain what digitization means to your Board?  What does that mean? is the show for you.

Each episode is short and sticks to just the facts with a quick, easy to understand definition of the term in question.  Sometimes the term will be a piece of technology jargon.  Sometimes it will be libraryspeak.  And still other times, it might be one of those terms that state and federal bureaucracies just love to create.  Regardless, What does that mean? will have you understanding whatever jargon the library and tech world can throw at you.

What does that mean? will come out twice a week, starting the week of April 29, 2013.  But here’s a sneak preview of our first episode:  SQL.  Enjoy!

March 2013 Delivery Count shows a slight decrease

The latest Delivery Count was done on Monday, March 25, 2013 and 3423 items passed through SELCO Delivery.  Compared to the Delivery Count done in March 2012 of 3740, this shows that Delivery decreased in March by 8.5%.  This time around, we found that the number of items from schools increased while the number of items coming from public libraries and academic and special libraries decreased slightly.  However, please don’t fret; over 3400 items in a day is definitely a large number of items.  Please keep filling those requests and we’ll make sure they get delivered!

The next Delivery Count will occur on Monday, August 27, 2013.  For more information regarding Delivery, please click here.

Dewey Day 2012

I have had a chance to compile some figures from Dewey Day 2012. It was again a great success. I am glad we could help get some more titles into the catalog for patrons to use. Here are some statistics:

                    6: Catalogers on Dewey Day itself – Becky Lashinski, Kristi Robb, Jeannie Johnson, Tyler Irvin, Kirby Johnson and Cheryl Hill

                   42: The number of SELCO Libraries/School Districts that participated in Dewey

                 778: The number of physical items cataloged for Dewey Day 2012

                 712: The number of physical items cataloged for Dewey Day 2011

                 495: The number of physical items cataloged for Dewey Day 2010

                 181: The number of OCLC records sent to SELCO that were loaded into Horizon in 2012

               1251: The number of OCLC records sent to SELCO that were loaded into Horizon in 2011

              4,595: The amount of money Dewey Day saved the members libraries in cataloging fees for 2012

Also of note this year SELCO held two online Webinars that walked attendees through how to use OCLC to search and import copy records into Horizon. The recording of one of these sessions will be available soon. 

Finally, a reminder that this year a new report is available in Web Report that tells you what your circulation is on an item by statcat and location. So remember to put in the Dewey 2012 statcat records in your items so that you can check your circulation and see if it’s worth holding onto these items or not. You can find this report in Web Reporter at Shared Reports>Circulation>Statcat number of CKO by location.

Thanks to all the libraries that participated in Dewey Day, and a special thanks to all the catalogers who make this Dewey Day a great success.