New Resources for Accessing OverDrive Materials

OverDrive and Libby iconsThe exciting new partnership between SELCO and Rochester Public Library allows patrons to access digital materials from each of the 2 separate collections. SELCO patrons can learn more about how to access eBooks from RPL’s collection in these very brief videos on SELCOtv. Instructions for using Libby are located here, and using OverDrive from the SELCO Online Catalog are here

For detailed instructions on downloading, installing, and using Libby to access the digital collections, see this handy brochure produced by Rochester Public Library and edited for SELCO patrons.

MNBA Finalists booktalked on SELCOtv

SelcoTV Cover PageJust in time for the 2016 Minnesota Book Awards, SELCO staff will “booktalk” each of this year’s 32 finalists for SELCOtv.  A special YouTube playlist aggregates the videos as they are posted.  During the days leading up to the awards ceremony on April 16, 1-2 booktalks from the eight award categories will be posted each day.


Here is a selection of those shared thus far in the individual MNBA genre categories:

SELCOtv survey

Do you watch SELCOtv?  

We are taking a look at the various series we offer through SELCOtv. Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey and let us know how helpful it is.  
Please share this link with anyone else who watches SELCOtv. 
This survey will close on November 5, 2014 after 4PM.

SELCOtv – 23 Mobile Things recap

From January 15 to July 15, 2014, librarians from around the state participated in 23 Mobile Things through their multitypes. These things included apps for everything from notetaking to photo & video sharing. We had 86 participants in the SELS region:

  • 50 from public libraries
  • 20 from school libraries
  • 9 from academic libraries
  • 7 from SELCO/SELS staff

The 7 SELCO staff members were also coaches/cheerleaders for the region’s participants.

Alice Henderson, Plainview Public Library, was the first Badge 5 earner in the entire state!

Allyn McColley, Buckham Memorial Library (Fairbault), was the very first SELS 23 Mobile Things finisher!

In all, we had 28 people finish all 23 things

  • 18 from public libraries
  • 6 from school libraries
  • 1 from academic libraries
  • 4 from SELCO/SELS staff

For those who did not have the chance to take on or finish this program, the state multitypes are bringing it back this fall. We don’t have a date yet, but have been told it will restart in mid-October. If you started it in the first round, you can pick up where you left off for this second round! So if you got through 15 of the things the first time, you will only have 8 to go to complete them all.

Some of the apps used in this new round will be slightly different. Staff at Metronet are tweaking some of the things based on feedback and blog posts from round 1. The “Things” will be about the same topic, but the apps themselves might not be identical to those used earlier this year.

One other change we hope to do in our SELS region is to have some of the 28 people who completed the Things in round 1 volunteer to be cheerleaders for this coming round. So keep an eye on your email box for this invitation if you were one of those who already completed the Things.

Please don’t let the lack of a mobile device stop you from participating!  SELCO has loaner devices that can be checked out on a first come, first served basis.

What Does That Mean?

There’s a new program on SELCOtv! What Does That Mean? is a very short (about a minute) program featuring definitions of library and technology terms.  Ever wondered what we means when she refers to SQL?  Or tried to explain what digitization means to your Board?  What does that mean? is the show for you.

Each episode is short and sticks to just the facts with a quick, easy to understand definition of the term in question.  Sometimes the term will be a piece of technology jargon.  Sometimes it will be libraryspeak.  And still other times, it might be one of those terms that state and federal bureaucracies just love to create.  Regardless, What does that mean? will have you understanding whatever jargon the library and tech world can throw at you.

What does that mean? will come out twice a week, starting the week of April 29, 2013.  But here’s a sneak preview of our first episode:  SQL.  Enjoy!