Checkout History Sort Available in Enterprise

SELCO has added an enhancement to the Checkout History for borrower accounts in Enterprise. The list is now be sortable by title, checkout date, or return date. Additionally, the titles now link to searches in your version of the catalog. The actual record numbers aren’t included in history so a more direct link wasn’t possible.
This was custom work so it is possible a scenario arises which wasn’t found in our testing. If a break is encountered, please let the SELCO Help Desk ( know the problem and the borrower record where the error occurs; if it is for a specific title, that too.

Scholastic Go! Interface Changes Coming

Scholastic has announced that they are retiring their method of searching the Scholastic Go! databases individually and is merging the search interface into a unified one. The legacy version is going to be retired as early as next week.
What this means for libraries is not much more than being aware of it. The interface is structurally similar to the previous ones other than searching all databases at once. URLs which went into a precise database such as Lands and People will resolve to the new interface automatically without you having to update them.
Because of this change, SELCO will be consolidating the Research Database links on your Enterprise profiles. The individual database links will be removed and replaced by one just labeled as Scholastic Go!
For more information, Scholastic has produced an online tutorial showing off the new interface.  

New Generic User Accounts in Horizon

As requested by the ILS Operations & Technology Policy Joint Committee, SELCO has created generic user accounts in Horizon. Feel free to use them or not, as best suits your library. Some libraries find it useful to use generic accounts at their circulation desks, so one person’s Horizon account doesn’t have to be logged in to multiple computers. Emails have been sent to library directors and automation contacts. Please consult the emails or your supervisor for more information.

  • All of the accounts have Circ Super privileges, so that an override is allowed
  • Small libraries have 1 generic account
  • Medium libraries have 3 generic accounts
  • Large libraries have 5 generic accounts
  • Each school building has 1 generic account

Please note that generic Horizon accounts cannot be traced by SELCO to an individual staff member in the event of misuse. Libraries are asked to use these accounts with discretion to protect the privacy of library patrons. Library data and private data on individuals are governed by Minnesota Statutes


Please feel free to contact the Help Desk with any questions!

Winter 2018 Cooperative Technology Purchase

Please find below the link for the Winter 2018 Cooperative Purchase online order form. The offerings for this purchase are much like those of the previous Cooperative Technology Purchase.

Winter 2018  Cooperative Technology Purchase Order Form

  • We are using an online order form for the Winter 2018 Cooperative Purchase. Please fill it out online, once we receive your order, we will send a confirmation email. Please respond to the confirmation email so that we can ensure your order is correct.
  • We will be offering iPads for purchase in this order. As these devices are very subjective and require user specific iTunes accounts, SELCO cannot provide support for them.
  • We are using Faronics Deep Freeze to lock down the public computers. You will notice this option on the bottom of page one for Deep Freeze, select this if you are planning on getting a public computer or using a Nettop for an iPac computer.
  • The Dell Optiplex Desktops, and Dell Latitude Laptop computers come with Windows 7, but can be upgraded to Windows 10.  New Deep Freeze licenses may be required from public computers, but libraries may choose which operating system once the systems are ordered.

Please submit your orders online by Friday, January 26, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SELCO Help Desk, thank you.

TECH ALERT: SELCO is Your Library’s DMCA Designated Agent

The Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) instituted rules to protect online service providers from liability for copyright infringement carried out by their users. While the rules were designed with search engines and Internet Service Providers in mind, the American Library Association recommends that libraries register for such protection in case of infringement by those using public wireless or PCs.

To secure these protections, libraries must register a Designated Agent with the United States Copyright Office. This person serves as the contact for any copyright holder who is concerned that their copyright has been infringed. SELCO has registered me as the Designated Agent for public libraries in the region that get Internet through SELCO. In the event of a notification, we will work with the relevant library to resolve the issue.


Each library for whom I am the DMCA Designated Agent must post that fact, along with my contact information, on their website where it can be found by copyright holders. To simplify matters, we have written it up as a Google Doc accessible to anyone on the internet and recommend you put a link to the document on your website. Each website is different but it is usually best to put the link in your footer or sidebar near your contact information using the link text DMCA Notifications of Claimed Infringement or DMCA Designated Agent.

Document link:


It is up to these libraries to decide if they wish to register a DMCA Designated Agent. The deadline for registering an agent is December 31, 2017. For further information, including instructions on the registration process:

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions on the DMCA Designated Agent or for assistance linking to the document on your SELCO-hosted website. 

ILS ALERT RESOLVED: Enterprise is Down

UPDATE 3:27, December 23, 2017: SirsiDynix has resolved the issue that caused Enterprise to go down. Apparently, an issue at their data center in Atlanta caused an outage for numerous customers. Enterprise is now functioning normally. Thanks to SirsiDynix for fixing the problem but, more importantly, thank YOU for your patience today. 

The Enterprise public access catalog is down. We have contacted SirsiDynix emergency support and they are investigating; it looks like a number of their customers are suffering the same issue. We will post further information as the situation develops. 

Thank you for your patience as we work through this issue. 

Borrower Checkout History Available in Enterprise

Patrons using the Enterprise public access catalog may now view their personal checkout history in My Account. This feature was developed by SELCO in response to a request from the ILS Operations & Technology Policy Joint Committee. We hope it will help patrons tracking their own use of materials and library staff who may be asked for such information. 

More information, including screen shots of Borrower Checkout History in Enterprise, were emailed to library Directors and Automation Contacts on December 12, 2017. Please see the appropriate staff at your library or contact the SELCO Help Desk for further details. 


UPDATE, 12-07-2017, 9:15 am – It appears that our internet access is back up but we have not received confirmation from our Internet Service Provider (ISP). After balancing the risk of sending you a premature “all-clear” with the impact of being down, we have decided to send this tentative message.

All services appear to be functioning normally and you may resume normal operations. Please be aware that, absent a confirmation message from our ISP, we cannot guarantee that things will stay up. But it’s looking pretty good. 
If you have been using PC Reliance for offline circulation, please contact the Help Desk to arrange for your files to be processed. Likewise, please contact the Help Desk with any questions or further issues. 
Thank you for your patience this morning. 


Internet service to the SELCO office is down. We have been in touch with TDS who report that they are unable to contact parts of their Wide Area Network (WAN); this would seem to indicate that the issue is on their end and is not limited to SELCO. Nevertheless, a technician from TDS to en route to our office. 

Despite the information we have from TDS, we have checked our networking equipment and are confident that nothing is wrong there. Fortunately, phone service to the building has not been affected. Since we use Google Apps for Education, our email is also unaffected. 

Horizon, being hosted at SELCO, is unavailable to Online Libraries. Enterprise is up and searchable; real-time status of items, requests, and My Account all require access to Horizon will not work. 

OverDrive and MackinVIA require access to Horizon for patron authentication and thus are not available at the moment. We are contacting both to have authentication temporarily disabled which will bring those services back as soon as possible. 

Without access to the main server at SELCO, Pharos will run in Standalone Mode IF the library has it enabled. 

Since phones and email are working, please contact us with any questions or issues stemming from this outage. If your library wishes to use PC Reliance for offline circulation, please contact the Help Desk to let us know. 

We’ll keep you all posted. Thank you for your patience as we deal with this situation. 

UPDATE: ELM Is Down – Resolved

UPDATE 12:05 pm, December 01, 2017: While we have not heard anything official from Minitex, it appears that ELM is back up. 

The ELM website is down today, and we have received a couple of Help Desk tickets letting us know. Because this is not our site, we have no additional information. An email notification went out to the region, and an update will be sent via email if we get details.

KRACK and SELCO Online Libraries

You may have recently seen something on the local news about a scary new internet security threat: KRACK. To help Online Libraries understand this new threat and how it affects them, we have written up a brief overview. The document is three pages long and should take around 4 1/2 minutes to read. While I encourage you to read the whole document, here is the Executive Summary for those who want to get straight to the point:

KRACK is a method of compromising the security of Wi-Fi networks, enabling malicious users to steal data from other users of the network. It has been featured prominently in local news media this week which may prompt questions from patrons about the security of the library’s network or their own personal devices.

Wi-Fi networks at Online Libraries with SELCO-provided networking are not vulnerable to KRACK; our router/firewalls have either already been updated or were not vulnerable in the first place. Online Libraries should advise concerned patrons to update their personal devices and home networking equipment as soon as vendors make such updates available.

Please contact the SELCO Help Desk for further information about KRACK.