Enterprise Upgrades

In response to the issues with PayPal and Enterprise, SELCO has been working with SirsiDynix to get our version upgraded to a level where payments will again be written into Horizon. Because we are two version back, it will require two separate upgrades to get to the 5.x version for PayPal.
The upgrade have been scheduled for next week, both early morning to minimize interruption of service. The first will take place Monday, July 30 starting around 1:00 AM and the second is set for Thursday, August 2 starting around 2:00 AM. With any luck, Thursday morning checks will show online fine payment working normally.
We’ll keep you updated on this as we go forward.

New Resources for Accessing OverDrive Materials

OverDrive and Libby iconsThe exciting new partnership between SELCO and Rochester Public Library allows patrons to access digital materials from each of the 2 separate collections. SELCO patrons can learn more about how to access eBooks from RPL’s collection in these very brief videos on SELCOtv. Instructions for using Libby are located here, and using OverDrive from the SELCO Online Catalog are here

For detailed instructions on downloading, installing, and using Libby to access the digital collections, see this handy brochure produced by Rochester Public Library and edited for SELCO patrons.

SELCO & Rochester Public Library Announce New Digital Sharing Agreement

SELCO (Southeastern Libraries Cooperating) and Rochester Public Library (RPL) are teaming up to offer more digital titles to southeast Minnesota residents.

Under the OverDrive RLA (Reciprocal Lending Agreement), library cardholders have greater access to eBooks and audiobooks, in each organization’s OverDrive digital collection. The agreement allows the regional library system and the Rochester library to offer digital books similarly to the way the two organizations share physical materials.

“Our patrons have been requesting this type of service for years,” explains RPL’s Head of Readers Services, Kim Edson. “The lending option wasn’t available previously, but it’s been something we’ve investigated with SELCO over the years.”

The RLA agreement was approved in late spring by the governing boards of both RPL and SELCO, and the two organizations launched the new service at the end of June.

“We wanted to work out any potential issues before formally announcing the agreement,” says SELCO Executive Director Krista Ross, adding, “However, the OverDrive platform is intuitive enough that we already have users engaging with this new service.”

The popularity of Libby, a digital reading app, has, in part, led to an increase in circulation for digital titles. At RPL, the circulation of digital materials increased 8.5% in 2017 with over 550,000 digital downloads from OverDrive and other digital services. At SELCO, users accessed 175,000 titles in 2017, an increase of 4.6% over the previous calendar year.

“We continue to see our digital collection being more popular,” says Edson, adding, “We hope that by giving all residents in the SELCO region the ability to access both collections, we will help meet the demand and maximize the use of our respective collections.”

For more information about the expanded services, patrons can visit each organization’s website: SELCO at www.selco.info  or www.rochesterpubliclibrary.org.

ILS ALERT: Enterprise Fine Payment Issue

Due to a change made by PayPal to their software, fine payments made in Enterprise are not being recorded in Horizon. Pending a fix from SirsiDynix, we have developed a manual workaround to ensure that Horizon correctly reflects the payments made in Enterprise, albeit after a delay of a few hours. 

It has come to our attention that PayPal has made some changes to their software that break the link between Enterprise and Horizon. Fine payments in Enterprise are properly recorded and collected by PayPal but Horizon is not updated. This means that fines paid for in Enterprise are still in the Horizon borrower record as blocks despite being paid. 

All payments made in Enterprise and affected by this issue have been manually added to Horizon borrower records. We have a script in place that ensures the payment data is recorded in the database as an electronic payment from Enterprise, rather than as a manual payment entered by staff.   

Until this issue is resolved, SELCO staff will continue manually entering payments that come in via Enterprise. We are doing this four times a day and will keep it up over the weekend. Under the circumstances, there may be a delay of several hours between the time a payment is made in Enterprise and when we get it added to Horizon. We have placed a warning message in Enterprise to let patrons know about this delay. 

The script that changes the recording of the payment from manual staff entry to electronic payment is running once nightly. Therefore, money reports will accurately reflect the mix of payment types the day after payments were made. The script is automated and will run over the weekend. 

The fix for this issue is an upgrade to Enterprise that will accommodate the changes made by PayPal. We have placed a request with SirsiDynix and are attempting to get it prioritized in light of the circumstances. There are several other sites (including some using Symphony) similarly affected, however, and we have not yet gotten a response from SirsiDynix on our request. 

We will post more information as it comes out. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Kudos to LaVonne Beach (LaCrescent PL), who first spotted this issue. Also to Sara Berquam and Tyler Irvin (SELCO) who did most of the work developing our manual workaround. 

SELCO Carries out Internet Speed Upgrades for Selected Libraries

Every year, we conduct an evaluation of each library’s internet speed to identify upgrades for the coming fiscal year. Factors considered include the number of PCs at the library, wireless internet use, and the service offered by local Internet Service Providers.

Effective July 01, 16 libraries will receive a speed upgrade:

  • Caledonia Public Library
  • Cannon Falls Public Library
  • Chatfield Public Library
  • Dodge Center Public Library
  • Hokah Public Library
  • Houston Public Library
  • Lake City Public Library
  • Lanesboro Public Library
  • Lonsdale Public Library
  • Plainview Public Library
  • Preston Public Library
  • Rushford Public Library
  • St. Charles Public Library
  • Spring Valley Public Library
  • Wabasha Public Library
  • Winona Public Library
We are pleased to offer this increased level of service, which is made possible by a combination of Regional Library Telecom Aid (RLTA) and Erate discounts. These funds cover 100% of the costs; Automation Fees do not pay for internet access. 

SELCO and Rochester Public Library Survey OverDrive Users

SELCO and Rochester Public Library (RPL) are partnering to survey patrons that have used OverDrive. The first survey, which launched yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, gathers baseline data on use of the platform. A second brief survey will be sent as a follow up in approximately one month; we will post further information on that survey before it goes out. Patrons who have used OverDrive were sent the survey via email. 
We are pleased to report that we have had almost 450 responses as of 8:15 am this morning (Friday).
In planning this survey, we did not anticipate requiring  any action from Online Libraries. We have since learned, however, that the design of the survey has caused some unexpected issues. You may receive calls today from patrons wanting to know if this survey is legit. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes your staff and patrons. 
Several of you have offered suggestions for improving the survey. Thank you! We will incorporate.those suggestions, and any others we might receive, into the second survey.

ILS UPDATE: Expiring Borrower Cards Notice Language

At their March 15th, 2018, meeting, the ILS Operations Committee / Technology Policy joint committee recommended a change in wording to Expiring Borrower Card notices. Email notices sent to borrowers’ whose accounts are set to expire will now use the following default language:
Please contact your library to renew your account or your card will expire.
This will replace the previous default wording:
Your card will expire soon. 
Please contact the SELCO Help Desk with any questions. 

ENHANCEMENT – Enterprise Formats

SELCO has added some custom work into Enterprise to better facilitate borrowers searching for a particular format of a title, whether that’s a book, DVD, etc.
Above the Search Results, there are now up to five icons for the five most prominent formats from the search results. Clicking these images works exactly the same as the format facet and will refine results to those of the matching material type. An example looks like this:
Also, in addition to the icons which appear in the results and details, there is now the corresponding text for what the image represents. This removes the need to hover the mouse over unknown icons to determine what they represent.

As this is custom work, it’s possible that there’s a scenario we missed in our internal testing. If you find inconsistencies, please let the SELCO Help Desk (helpdesk@selco.info) know with examples so we can adjust the code.

TECH ALERT – Horizon Upgrade on April 7

On the evening of April 7, SELCO will be working with SirsiDynix to upgrade the Horizon database to version We will start at 5:00 and work over the evening to have everything up and running again by Sunday morning.
This upgrade contains two major features which SELCO staff will investigate before enabling:
  • Family Groups – borrowers can be grouped together to allow different members to see and/or interact with each others’ checkouts, blocks, and/or requests. This is only in Horizon, not Enterprise yet.
  • Functionality which allows requests to take place inside of Horizon itself. This should mostly be invisible but will stop some intermittent errors in requesting.
Again, these features come with the upgrade but we will not be implementing them until we have tested them.
SELCO will post a notice on Enterprise late next week to notify borrowers that while the catalog will be searchable, requests and My Account will be unavailable. OverDrive ebooks will go onto a temporary rule allowing uninterrupted service. Please contact the SELCO Help Desk with any questions on the upgrade.