UPDATE, 12-07-2017, 9:15 am – It appears that our internet access is back up but we have not received confirmation from our Internet Service Provider (ISP). After balancing the risk of sending you a premature “all-clear” with the impact of being down, we have decided to send this tentative message.

All services appear to be functioning normally and you may resume normal operations. Please be aware that, absent a confirmation message from our ISP, we cannot guarantee that things will stay up. But it’s looking pretty good. 
If you have been using PC Reliance for offline circulation, please contact the Help Desk to arrange for your files to be processed. Likewise, please contact the Help Desk with any questions or further issues. 
Thank you for your patience this morning. 


Internet service to the SELCO office is down. We have been in touch with TDS who report that they are unable to contact parts of their Wide Area Network (WAN); this would seem to indicate that the issue is on their end and is not limited to SELCO. Nevertheless, a technician from TDS to en route to our office. 

Despite the information we have from TDS, we have checked our networking equipment and are confident that nothing is wrong there. Fortunately, phone service to the building has not been affected. Since we use Google Apps for Education, our email is also unaffected. 

Horizon, being hosted at SELCO, is unavailable to Online Libraries. Enterprise is up and searchable; real-time status of items, requests, and My Account all require access to Horizon will not work. 

OverDrive and MackinVIA require access to Horizon for patron authentication and thus are not available at the moment. We are contacting both to have authentication temporarily disabled which will bring those services back as soon as possible. 

Without access to the main server at SELCO, Pharos will run in Standalone Mode IF the library has it enabled. 

Since phones and email are working, please contact us with any questions or issues stemming from this outage. If your library wishes to use PC Reliance for offline circulation, please contact the Help Desk to let us know. 

We’ll keep you all posted. Thank you for your patience as we deal with this situation. 

UPDATE: ELM Is Down – Resolved

UPDATE 12:05 pm, December 01, 2017: While we have not heard anything official from Minitex, it appears that ELM is back up. 

The ELM website is down today, and we have received a couple of Help Desk tickets letting us know. Because this is not our site, we have no additional information. An email notification went out to the region, and an update will be sent via email if we get details.

KRACK and SELCO Online Libraries

You may have recently seen something on the local news about a scary new internet security threat: KRACK. To help Online Libraries understand this new threat and how it affects them, we have written up a brief overview. The document is three pages long and should take around 4 1/2 minutes to read. While I encourage you to read the whole document, here is the Executive Summary for those who want to get straight to the point:

KRACK is a method of compromising the security of Wi-Fi networks, enabling malicious users to steal data from other users of the network. It has been featured prominently in local news media this week which may prompt questions from patrons about the security of the library’s network or their own personal devices.

Wi-Fi networks at Online Libraries with SELCO-provided networking are not vulnerable to KRACK; our router/firewalls have either already been updated or were not vulnerable in the first place. Online Libraries should advise concerned patrons to update their personal devices and home networking equipment as soon as vendors make such updates available.

Please contact the SELCO Help Desk for further information about KRACK. 

OverDrive Reading History

OverDrive has implemented a History page to the ebook catalog. This page automatically displays titles a user has borrowed (beginning now), and they have the option to manually add titles previously read (through OverDrive or other sources).

How the History Page Works:

  • Each time a title is borrowed, it is added to the user’s history. At launch, a user will see an empty history until they borrow a title, or manually add it.
  • Titles can be manually added through the context menu (…) or from the title details page. For example, users can add titles they read before the start of the history, or titles read from other sources (print, purchased, etc.).

  • Users can remove individual titles from the History page through the context menu (…) or on the title details page.

  • A user can choose to hide their history from the Settings page. If the user opts to display their history again at a later date, they will only see titles added from that point forward.
  • This has been a highly-requested feature from users over the years. OverDrive knows that some users have been tracking their read titles via ratings, so the history includes an option to import their rated titles list. If a rated title is already on the history, it will not be added again.

Fall 2017 Cooperative Technology Purchase

Please find below the link for the Fall 2017 Cooperative Purchase online order form. The offerings for this purchase are much like those of the previous Cooperative Technology Purchase.

Fall 2017 Cooperative Technology Purchase Order Form

  • We are using an online order form for the Fall 2017 Cooperative Purchase. Please fill it out online, once we receive your order, we will send a confirmation email. Please respond to the confirmation email so that we can ensure your order is correct.
  • We will be offering iPads for purchase in this order. As these devices are very subjective and require user specific iTunes accounts, SELCO cannot provide support for them.
  • We are using Faronics Deep Freeze to lock down the public computers. You will notice this option on the bottom of page one for Deep Freeze, select this if you are planning on getting a public computer or using a Nettop for an iPac computer.
  • The Dell Optiplex Desktops, and Dell Latitude Laptop computers come with Windows 7, but can be upgraded to Windows 10.  New Deep Freeze licenses may be required from public computers, but libraries may choose which operating system once the systems are ordered.

Please submit your orders online by Friday, October 27, 2017. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SELCO Help Desk, thank you.

Student Record Upload Service

Each year, SELCO offers a free student record upload service to your schools. With the use of this service, you will simply need to send SELCO a copy of your student database and SELCO will import it into Horizon. The process will create new student records and update existing ones.

If you are interested in this service and have never used it before, please contact the SELCO Help Desk ( to set up the process. The first time it is utilized, your student records will need to be standardized to avoid duplication.

If you have used the service previously and need a refresher on which fields you have used in the past, also contact the Help Desk and we’ll consult our records.

UPDATE – Web Services Upgrade on Tuesday, August 29

UPDATE, Aug 29, 10:59 AM – The web services upgrade was successfully completed a few moments ago. Affected services have been successfully tested. We will take down the banner in Enterprise shortly. 

SirsiDynix is performing a Web Services upgrade at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, August 29.  Web Services is the software that enables external services, such as Enterprise, to connect and exchange data with Horizon.

During this upgrade, Horizon will function normally.  Item status information in Enterprise and BookMyne will not be available, though searching and requests will function as usual.  Based on information from SirsiDynix, we expect this upgrade to be completed within an hour (10:00 AM).

Thank you for your patience as we strive to provide the most stable and useful library solutions possible.  Please contact the SELCO Help Desk with any questions on this upgrade.

RESOLVED: Citrix & Horizon Problem This Morning

NOTE – 08-02-2017, 8:53 AM:  We believe the problem with Citrix and Horizon has been resolved. It is possible that users will have to logout of Citrix and back in before trying Horizon again. If you are still experiencing problems after logging back into Citrix, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

We are investigating a problem which is preventing logins to Horizon for many users and limiting access for others. We will send more information out as it becomes available.  Thank you for your patience.

July 2017 Public Library Borrower Purge

In order to maintain an accurate, up-to-date borrower database in Horizon, SELCO conducts a quarterly purge of records for borrowers that have been:

  • expired for 2 or more years and have no unresolved blocks
  • expired for 2 or more years, have no fines and have manual blocks
  • expired for 5 or more years, have less than 5.00 dollars in fines.

As per the process developed in consultation with the ILS Operations and Technology Policy joint committee, lists of borrower records eligible for purging were emailed to public library Directors and Automation Contacts on Thursday, July 27.  Libraries have until August 15 to add the Do not purge block to all records they wish to keep in the database.

Please contact the SELCO Help Desk with any questions about this process.  Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to maintain the integrity of the Horizon borrower database. 

Problem with Syndetics – UPDATE

UPDATE, 07-18-2017, 1:11 PM – ProQuest reports that all of their platforms, including Syndetics, are back up and working. If this does not match your experience, please contact the SELCO Help Desk for support.  Thank you for your patience.
Good morning!
Since yesterday late afternoon Syndetics (Enterprise cover art and some enhanced content) has been experiencing connectivity issues. ProQuest (the company that owns Syndetics) has no ETA. They are aware of the problem and working on it. We will let you know when service is restored.
If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the HelpDesk. 507.529.4469