Horizon Library Basics Completed

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone with a Horizon login completed the class by the deadline!  We started with over 400 logins last October, and after deleting unused accounts, 334 people completed the class.  This is a huge success! 

Going forward, every time you have a new hire at your library, the Library Basics class will be assigned to them and they will have 60 days to complete it.  This should help all of the libraries stay on track and have the same basic training in Horizon.  You are always welcome to go back and look through the class again, and if you haven’t printed them already, the handouts for the class are on the last page of the training. 


Some comments from the final survey of the Library Basics Class:

  • I appreciated the ‘refresher’.
  • Very favorable. Any new employee should take this online training after “shadowing” on the job for a day.
  • Also, this information should be printed and placed in the library’s procedure book.
  • It is a very good basic training course for someone new to working in a library or to brush up basics.
  • I thought it was easy to follow and understand. The videos did a great job at showing me exactly what I need to do. It did a good job at preparing me for this job.
  • It’s a good review, and a reminder that there are multiple ways to do the same thing.
  • I like the training!
  • Very informative. I learned a lot.
  • Quick and dirty. Or clean…easy and informative.