Scholarship Report: Sandy Pilarski – Enhancing Quality Staff in 2018

Event: Enhancing Quality Staff in Changing Times 2018 – St. Paul, MN – May 23, 2018

Attendee: Sandy Pilarski – Library Associate, Winona Public Library

How does attending this event relate to your current role in your library?

I work a service desk where I help the public with whatever they bring to me. Most of the time I can answer their questions or give them some guidance, but all interactions require elements of customer service. I feel everyone can learn more to assist in performing their job well, even if it comes down to self-assessment and self-care to help you be a better you. This symposium provided tips, tricks, and components of relatable moments from other library staff.

What was your favorite session you attended and why?

Cultivating a Seed Library: Sowing and Growing a Successful Seed Library Program at Your Library. I found this session very interesting since so many people like to garden and eating whole foods is such a popular topic. It was the story of how the St. Paul’s Riverview Library began their seed library. They explained how they staffed it from inception to harvest making just $57 to support the next year’s seed packets lending program. A real grassroots effort and story.

What’s one (1) idea that you gained from the event that you plan to implement now that you’re back?

I liked the fundraiser idea of selling your garden harvest and partnering with our Friends of the Library volunteers.

Would you recommend this event to others and why?

I would recommend this event to others as a way to connect with other library staff and share ideas and failures. There are so many people willing to share their thoughts and talents once you make the initial connection. It is a large group of helpers with a wide array of talents.