SUMmit Q&A

As previously posted, on April 27, SELCO will host an all-day meeting titled SUMmit (SELCO/SELS User Meeting). There will be presentations, conversations, discussions, and demonstrations of various issues affecting the library community as a whole and some on the SELCO region in particular.
One of the events will be a Q & A with the administrative team of SELCO. For 45 minutes, Krista, Donovan, and Jen will answer your questions on why SELCO does what it does, how it does what it does, or anything else which you care to ask.
If you’d like to submit a question, please fill out the form here:
We’re asking for the questions to be submitted by April 18 so we can research any answers needed. And while the form does ask for your name, it is in confidence. Tyler Irvin is the only one who will see what you ask and will scrub identifying information before passing the questions on if you are worried about anonymity. Your name is only requested so he can ask for clarification or pass on a response if you are unable to attend on the day.
Any SELCO/SELS library staff member is welcome to attend SUMmit. Registration isn’t strictly required but we ask that you do so in an effort to coordinate rooms and refreshments. You can do so here:
The information for SUMmit has now also been posted to the SELCO website here: