Committees are typically made up of library representatives from around the region and provide advice to SELCO/SELS.  The range of topics addressed by committees is diverse, as is the range of services offered by SELCO/SELS.  SELCO/SELS hosts a number of standing committees with members either elected by the library membership or appointed by the Executive Director.

The SELCO and SELS Advisory Committees and Resource Sharing and Technology Committee meet on a regular schedule.  Various other groups meet as needed and participant calendars permit.  As new projects are undertaken, the Executive Director may appoint Ad Hoc Committees with a directed focus for a limited time and scope.

SELCO Advisory

As described in the SELCO Bylaws Article VII Section 2. Advisory Committee:

The chief administrators of the member libraries shall constitute the Executive Director’s Advisory Committee. They shall be available to meet with the Executive Director at his/her request at least six (6) times per year to consult and advise him/her with respect to the discharge of his/her duties. The committee shall have only informal advisory power.

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SELS Advisory

The governance for Southeast Library System (SELS), the multicounty, multitype library system is established in Minnesota Statute 134.351, Subd D:

Subd. 4.Governance.(a)In any area where the boundaries of a proposed multicounty, multitype library system coincide with the boundaries of the regional library system or district, the regional library system or district board shall be designated as the governing board for the multicounty, multitype library system. In any area where a proposed multicounty, multitype library system encompasses more than one regional library system or district, the governing board of the multicounty, multitype library system shall consist of nine members appointed by the cooperating regional library system or district boards from their own membership in proportion to the population served by each cooperating regional library system or district. In each multicounty, multitype library system there shall be established an advisory committee consisting of two representatives of public libraries, two representatives of school media services, one representative of special libraries, one representative of public supported academic libraries, and one representative of private academic libraries. The advisory committee shall recommend needed policy to the system governing board.

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Resource Sharing and Technology Committee

Advises SELCO staff and the Technology Policy Committee appointed by the SELCO/SELS Board of Directors on issues related to the configuration, operation, maintenance, and continuing development of the SELCO Integrated Library System (ILS) and other technology services.

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Technology Users Group

The Technology Users Group, while not an actual committee, meets three times a year.  It serves as a method for SELCO to communicate technology developments to Online Libraries and their Automation Contacts.  Topics generally are specific to SELCO-provided services but may include general technology updates.

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Youth Services Idea Exchange (YSIE)

Recognizing that there was a need within the region to provide a space for like-minded individuals to discuss and exchange ideas and thoughts regarding youth services, SELCO revamped the children’s librarians group anew as the Youth Services Idea Exchange (YSIE).  

Open to all interested parties, the size of the group fluctuates depending upon interest.  Meetings are held twice annually in the Spring and Fall and provide both a structured time for pertinent topics as well as time for free-flow discussion.  So as to encourage participants to explore new ideas regarding youth spaces in their own libraries, the meeting rotates around the region to different volunteer libraries.

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Professional Learning Community (PLC)

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) was established in 2018 via a grassroots effort by media specialists in the region.  While many schools may have a PLC in their building, school library staff are not always the best fit for these models, often getting shunted into other work groups like English or History.  This regional PLC is specifically for school library staff in the 11 counties in southeast Minnesota.  The intent of the group is provide for school library staff a regular meeting in which those attending can examine topics such as instructional practices, student benchmarks, outcomes, sharing what works in the classroom and media center, etc. 

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