New Book Repair Kit Available

SELCO/SELS is pleased to be able to provide a brand new kit for circulation among library members in the region.  The Cover One Machine is one of the easiest ways to repair books with broken spines and loose pages.  To try the Cover One Machine in your library, follow the instructions on the flyer below. The loan period is two weeks and it includes materials to repair up to 15 books.

Download (PDF, 6.64MB)

Strategic Planning Process Kicks Off

The Expanded Strategic Planning Committee met on Monday, October 23 in the Avila Room. Consultant Rich Frazier from IPM Advancement joined the group to set the stage for the strategic planning process. 

Rich divided the committee into three groups and led a process of developing questions to be used in a survey of the region.

After discussion of those questions, the group reviewed the proposed process. Rich will work with Krista to develop a survey or surveys to determine needs, priorities and visions for the next 3 years. The Expanded Strategic Planning Committee will approve the surveys electronically.

Once data is received, several focus groups will take place throughout the region to gather reactions to survey data. One of the focus groups may be scheduled the afternoon of the December 12 SELCO Advisory Committee for those who can stay. An additional focus group consisting of the Extended Strategic Planning Committee and the SELCO/SELS Executive Committee will meet to come up with final priorities. 

The goal is to have a new Strategic Plan ready for the April 24, 2018 Quarterly Board meeting so it can be submitted to the State by July 1. 



Horizon Training Reset

In order to make Horizon use more consistent across the region, SELCO is acting on a recommendation from the ILS Operations & Technology Policy joint committee to provide standardized basic Horizon training to Online Library staff. We ask that all staff with Horizon logins take this Library Basics training online (create your own account) or in-person sometime in the next twelve months. Please contact the Help Desk with any questions.

For more detailed information, please read the full document here.

KRACK and SELCO Online Libraries

You may have recently seen something on the local news about a scary new internet security threat: KRACK. To help Online Libraries understand this new threat and how it affects them, we have written up a brief overview. The document is three pages long and should take around 4 1/2 minutes to read. While I encourage you to read the whole document, here is the Executive Summary for those who want to get straight to the point:

KRACK is a method of compromising the security of Wi-Fi networks, enabling malicious users to steal data from other users of the network. It has been featured prominently in local news media this week which may prompt questions from patrons about the security of the library’s network or their own personal devices.

Wi-Fi networks at Online Libraries with SELCO-provided networking are not vulnerable to KRACK; our router/firewalls have either already been updated or were not vulnerable in the first place. Online Libraries should advise concerned patrons to update their personal devices and home networking equipment as soon as vendors make such updates available.

Please contact the SELCO Help Desk for further information about KRACK. 

Summer Reading Program – Data Collection Results

Summer Reading Programs are a long-standing part of library service.  Each year SELCO staff puts out a survey to help collect data for the region concerning general statistics like how many programs did you offer, how many organizations came to visit the library, etc., along with a more recent collection of the programming data, e.g., type of program, who did you have, what went on, and how did it go.  The region had 26 of the 37 public libraries participate in the survey.  Here are some basic statistics:

  • 17,608 individuals were reached in Outreach efforts (heading out into the community)
  • 3,446 individuals were reached by Tours (bringing the community into the library)
  • 406 separate Storytimes were held for 11,036 attendees
  • 200 Active Programs were held for 27,134 attendees (where there’s a speaker or dedicated time devoted to a program)
  • 65 unique Passive Programs took place for 10,730+ participants, many of which took place over multiple weeks (where there’s an activity that’s out and available with no dedicated time)

The information for Summer 2017 as well as Summer 2016 can be found on the Summer Reading Program page of the SELCO website.

In addition, Minnesota’s State Library Services conducted their first ever Summer Learning Program survey and has recently provided the results.  You can find that document in the link above.

OverDrive Reading History

OverDrive has implemented a History page to the ebook catalog. This page automatically displays titles a user has borrowed (beginning now), and they have the option to manually add titles previously read (through OverDrive or other sources).

How the History Page Works:

  • Each time a title is borrowed, it is added to the user’s history. At launch, a user will see an empty history until they borrow a title, or manually add it.
  • Titles can be manually added through the context menu (…) or from the title details page. For example, users can add titles they read before the start of the history, or titles read from other sources (print, purchased, etc.).

  • Users can remove individual titles from the History page through the context menu (…) or on the title details page.

  • A user can choose to hide their history from the Settings page. If the user opts to display their history again at a later date, they will only see titles added from that point forward.
  • This has been a highly-requested feature from users over the years. OverDrive knows that some users have been tracking their read titles via ratings, so the history includes an option to import their rated titles list. If a rated title is already on the history, it will not be added again.

Fall 2017 Cooperative Technology Purchase

Please find below the link for the Fall 2017 Cooperative Purchase online order form. The offerings for this purchase are much like those of the previous Cooperative Technology Purchase.

Fall 2017 Cooperative Technology Purchase Order Form

  • We are using an online order form for the Fall 2017 Cooperative Purchase. Please fill it out online, once we receive your order, we will send a confirmation email. Please respond to the confirmation email so that we can ensure your order is correct.
  • We will be offering iPads for purchase in this order. As these devices are very subjective and require user specific iTunes accounts, SELCO cannot provide support for them.
  • We are using Faronics Deep Freeze to lock down the public computers. You will notice this option on the bottom of page one for Deep Freeze, select this if you are planning on getting a public computer or using a Nettop for an iPac computer.
  • The Dell Optiplex Desktops, and Dell Latitude Laptop computers come with Windows 7, but can be upgraded to Windows 10.  New Deep Freeze licenses may be required from public computers, but libraries may choose which operating system once the systems are ordered.

Please submit your orders online by Friday, October 27, 2017. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SELCO Help Desk, thank you.

Thalacker Receives Honor From UW-Milwaukee SOIS

Regional Librarian Reagen Thalacker was honored last weekend at a gala celebrating 50 Distinguished Alumni of UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies. The award “honors those who, through their lives and work, exemplify the breadth, diversity, culture, and spirit of the School of Information Studies and its research, academics, practice and community engagement.”

“I’ve been fortunate to work in a number of highly different library environments but I’m proudest of the fact that all have been in service to small and rural library communities,” Thalacker said. “Having been raised in a town of less than 300, I know from experience the impact that a small and rural library can have on a person and am pleased that I am now able to work with the current generation of library staff as they make their own mark on these communities.”

SELCO Executive Director Krista Ross said, “We are thrilled to see Reagen’s dedication to the SELCO/SELS member libraries recognized. Her professionalism and attention to detail make her a valuable member of our team.”

Another Minnesota librarian, Great River Regional Library Director Karen Pundsack, was also honored at the gala.

Scholarships Available for the PLA 2018 Conference

SELCO is pleased to offer two scholarships to attend the Public Library Association 2018 Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA March 20 – 24, 2018. This is a reimbursable scholarship for up to $2,500. Eligible items for reimbursement may include:

  • registration
  • hotel stay
  • flight
  • meals at the U.S. General Services Administration per diem rates

The application deadline for those interested in being considered for a SELCO scholarship is 12 noon on Friday, September 29, 2017. Please complete the application found here.

In the event there are more than two scholarship applicants, name will be drawn randomly. Please contact Sara Berquam at the SELCO office for additional information.