Executive Director Search Committee Meeting Recap for August 08, 2016

This is part of a series of meeting recaps for SELCO & SELS Board members, SELCO staff, and all library staff.  We will post these following each meeting of the search committee.  Please feel free to contact committee members with any questions or comments on the search process.  A list of committee members, with email addresses, can be found at https://www.selco.info/news/search-committee-formed/.

At their August 08, 2016, meeting, the committee met with Sue Hall of Library Strategies to share information & expectations and develop a work plan with benchmarks & deliverables.  As you will recall from the July 26 recap, the SELCO / SELS Board of Directors selected Library Strategies to partner with the Executive Director Search Committee based on a unanimous recommendation from that committee.

Working with Sue, the committee proposed several revisions to the timeline for the search process.  These changes must be approved by the SELCO & SELS Executive Committee and are thus not yet official.  The next Executive Committee meeting is on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.  More information on the revised timeline will be posted to the SELCO website if/when it is approved by the Executive Committee.

In order to get input from SELCO & SELS Board members, SELCO staff, and all library staff, the committee intends to send out a survey to all members of these stakeholder groups.  The committee decided that the purpose of the survey is to get a feel for the type of Executive Director that stakeholders are looking for.  While there are many other topics for which stakeholders could provide input, the committee felt that keeping the survey focused was the best way to keep it manageable for respondents.  The modified timeline calls for the survey to go out from October 17 through 31, 2016.  Members of the committee were tasked with developing a draft survey, based on the brainstorming results presented at the July 26 meeting.

Finally, the committee discussed outlets for the job ad.  While the list has not been finalized, Library Journal, and websites for CRPLSA, MLA, & ALA were discussed as good sites.

The committee will meet next on August 23, 2016, before the SELCO & SELS Executive Committee meeting on the same day.  Following meetings were set for September 27, October 25, November 09, and November 22.  Recaps will be posted after each of these meetings.

As stated above, please do not hesitate to contact committee members with questions or comments.