Immigration Stories & a Digital Story-making Website

Immigrant Stories is the digital storytelling and archiving project from the University of Minnesota.  They’ve recently launched a story-making website,, along with a series of educational curricula.  The website helps anyone make, share, and preserve a digital story about a personal or family immigration experience.  The curricula is designed to help librarians and educators teach others to make digital stories with the website in high schools, colleges, English language classes, and public workshops.  All of the resources are free, so library staff could run their own workshop without the assistance.

The Project: The Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) has been creating, sharing, and preserving digital stories (short videos) by immigrants and refugees since 2013 through our Immigrant Stories project. Our collection – which is on the MN Digital Library as well as the Digital Public Library of America now has 230+ stories representing over 50 different groups. 

Website: They just launched the new digital story-making website that allows anyone to write, create, edit, and share their own digital story all within the website!

Curricula: They have free curriculum to help librarians and educators teach others to make their own stories using the website:

For more information, please contact Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Venditto, Community Program Associate at the Immigration History Research Center at UMN via e-mail at or 612.626.3792.