Limited Free Cataloging for Schools and Small Public Libraries Launch!

As of January 1st, 2019, SELCO will catalog up to 20 items a month as a part of your automation fees for small public and all school libraries using the Horizon system. Congratulations to Hokah, Caledonia, Lanesboro, and Willow Creek Middle School in Rochester who have already submitted items under the new cataloging submission form. SELCO catalogers are hard at work getting bibs into the system.

If you’re a small public library or a school, please send your cataloging our way! As always, before you submit those items, make sure that there is not already a bibliographic (bib) record that will work in Horizon.  Search Horizon by both ISBN/UPC and title to see if you can find a bib record that will work for your item in hand. A good reference on whether or not you can use a bib for your item can be found here. If you search by title and find a record that will work, please add the ISBN into your record (if you have cataloging permissions in Horizon).