New Help Desk Starts on Monday, March 18

SELCO is launching the new Help Desk on Monday, March 18, 2019.

So what’s the new Help Desk going to look like?

  • Extended Help Desk Hours:  M-F 8:30 am to 7 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 1:30 pm
  • “Emergency” Help Desk call hours outside of regularly scheduled HD hours  (we’ll be working with you to define what “emergency” means, so just use the “urgent” definition for now)
  • Dedicated Help Desk staff:  Bob Olson ( M-F 8:30-2 & every other Saturday) and Emmanuel Deng (M-F 2-7 & every other Saturday)

We’re excited about the potential of this new Help Desk structure to provide a more consistent experience for all, identify patterns and needs more quickly.

I would encourage everyone to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have.  Your feedback is very important!