Library Legislative Day March 6

Plan to attend the 2013 Minnesota Library Legislative Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. This will be an important year to ensure continued state support of library telecommunications costs, delivery, and Library Legacy programming.  Registration for the day is encouraged but there is no cost to participate.  Check the MLA website for details.

The MLA/MEMO Lobbyist, Elaine Keefe, and the 2013 MLA Legislative Chair, Mark Ranum, will offer an evening briefing on Tuesday, March 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM at Kelly Inn Best Western and a morning briefing on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 9:00 AM in the Minnesota Judicial Center, Room 230.

SELCO staff have booked appointments with the legislators from the SELCO/SELS region.  Everyone is free to join the office visits on Legislative Day.  In addition we are developing information packets for each legislator and have arranged carpooling to the Capitol on March 6.  More information will be coming out in the next few months.

Please share this date widely with library staff, boards, trustees, supporters, and advocates.  Only 17 days before Library Legislative Day!

Minnesota Library Legislative Update 01-27-2013

The following information was sent via e-mail on January 27, 2013 from Elaine Keefe, MLA/MEMO Lobbyist. Additional linked information added.

Governor’s Budget

Governor Dayton released his budget proposal on Tuesday (January 22, 2013).  There were no changes in library-specific appropriations.  However, the Governor did recommend some increases in broader appropriations that may ultimately have an impact on libraries. They are:

  1. An increase of $80 million per year in aid to cities and an increase of $40 million per year in aid to counties.  This could impact public library funding at the local level.
  2. An increase of $80 million over the biennium for the University of Minnesota and $80 million over the biennium for the University of Minnesota.  This could impact academic libraries in those two systems.
  3. An increase of $118 million over the biennium in the general education formula for K-12 schools and an increase of $125 million over the biennium for special education (thereby freeing up general education dollars that are currently used by school districts to pay for special education).  This could impact the funding available to school library media centers.

On Thursday, January 24, 2013, the Senate E-12 Education Budget Division held a hearing where education organizations were invited to present their platforms.  I presented the portions of the MLA/MEMO Platform that are under the jurisdiction of that committee.

State of the State

Governor Dayton will deliver his State of the State Address before a joint session of the Legislature on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

Committee Deadlines

Legislative leaders have announced that committee deadlines are as follows:

  • The first committee deadline is Friday March 15, 2013.  To meet this deadline, a bill must have passed through all of the policy committees it needs to go to and have been referred to a finance committee or to the floor in either the House or the Senate.
  • The second committee deadline is Friday, March 22, 2013.  To meet this deadline, a bill must meet the standard for the first committee deadline in both the House and the Senate.
  • The third committee deadline is Friday, April 19, 2013.  This is the deadline for omnibus budget bills to be passed out committee.

Dewey Day 2012

I have had a chance to compile some figures from Dewey Day 2012. It was again a great success. I am glad we could help get some more titles into the catalog for patrons to use. Here are some statistics:

                    6: Catalogers on Dewey Day itself – Becky Lashinski, Kristi Robb, Jeannie Johnson, Tyler Irvin, Kirby Johnson and Cheryl Hill

                   42: The number of SELCO Libraries/School Districts that participated in Dewey

                 778: The number of physical items cataloged for Dewey Day 2012

                 712: The number of physical items cataloged for Dewey Day 2011

                 495: The number of physical items cataloged for Dewey Day 2010

                 181: The number of OCLC records sent to SELCO that were loaded into Horizon in 2012

               1251: The number of OCLC records sent to SELCO that were loaded into Horizon in 2011

              4,595: The amount of money Dewey Day saved the members libraries in cataloging fees for 2012

Also of note this year SELCO held two online Webinars that walked attendees through how to use OCLC to search and import copy records into Horizon. The recording of one of these sessions will be available soon. 

Finally, a reminder that this year a new report is available in Web Report that tells you what your circulation is on an item by statcat and location. So remember to put in the Dewey 2012 statcat records in your items so that you can check your circulation and see if it’s worth holding onto these items or not. You can find this report in Web Reporter at Shared Reports>Circulation>Statcat number of CKO by location.

Thanks to all the libraries that participated in Dewey Day, and a special thanks to all the catalogers who make this Dewey Day a great success.