Phone Outage – UPDATED

UPDATE, 05/09/2016, 1:03 PM

Just a quick update.  TDS, our phone and data provider (not to be confused with Traverse des Sioux, the public library system to the west of SELCO), has confirmed that a fiber cut has brought down numerous phone lines throughout the area.  There is currently no estimate on repair time.

Please continue to use email, including, to contact us as much as possible.  507.421.9711 is still available to reach us by phone if absolutely necessary.  We will keep you posted on the situation.
Thank you for your patience.


We have just found out that the SELCO phone system is non-operational. We are working to resolve the situation but do not have a timeline as yet. This is affecting both the main line and the Help Desk line so neither number will work.

Our email system is still working as normal, including the Help Desk email so we ask that you communicate electronically for the time being. If there is an absolute emergency which requires a phone call, use the Help Desk cell phone at 507.421.9711. Be aware that it is an old phone with no real features so it can only handle one call at a time so please use it only as a last resort.

We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.