Strategic Planning Process Kicks Off

The Expanded Strategic Planning Committee met on Monday, October 23 in the Avila Room. Consultant Rich Frazier from IPM Advancement joined the group to set the stage for the strategic planning process. 

Rich divided the committee into three groups and led a process of developing questions to be used in a survey of the region.

After discussion of those questions, the group reviewed the proposed process. Rich will work with Krista to develop a survey or surveys to determine needs, priorities and visions for the next 3 years. The Expanded Strategic Planning Committee will approve the surveys electronically.

Once data is received, several focus groups will take place throughout the region to gather reactions to survey data. One of the focus groups may be scheduled the afternoon of the December 12 SELCO Advisory Committee for those who can stay. An additional focus group consisting of the Extended Strategic Planning Committee and the SELCO/SELS Executive Committee will meet to come up with final priorities. 

The goal is to have a new Strategic Plan ready for the April 24, 2018 Quarterly Board meeting so it can be submitted to the State by July 1.