Summer Reading Program – Data Collection Results

Summer Reading Programs are a long-standing part of library service.  Each year SELCO staff puts out a survey to help collect data for the region concerning general statistics like how many programs did you offer, how many organizations came to visit the library, etc., along with a more recent collection of the programming data, e.g., type of program, who did you have, what went on, and how did it go.  The region had 26 of the 37 public libraries participate in the survey.  Here are some basic statistics:

  • 17,608 individuals were reached in Outreach efforts (heading out into the community)
  • 3,446 individuals were reached by Tours (bringing the community into the library)
  • 406 separate Storytimes were held for 11,036 attendees
  • 200 Active Programs were held for 27,134 attendees (where there’s a speaker or dedicated time devoted to a program)
  • 65 unique Passive Programs took place for 10,730+ participants, many of which took place over multiple weeks (where there’s an activity that’s out and available with no dedicated time)

The information for Summer 2017 as well as Summer 2016 can be found on the Summer Reading Program page of the SELCO website.

In addition, Minnesota’s State Library Services conducted their first ever Summer Learning Program survey and has recently provided the results.  You can find that document in the link above.