Minnesota’s regional library systems are funded with state and federal dollars; as such it is critical that your legislators and members of Congress understand the value you place upon information services.  SELCO has created combined Financial Support and Minnesota Art & Cultural Heritage Fund (Legacy) handouts for the region’s Representatives and Senators for Minnesota Library Legislative Day.

Key areas of SELCO funding such as training, technology, and resource sharing have been highlighted for the financial summary. The financial support for libraries of both the cities and counties that fall within a district have also been listed.  These numbers are a combined representation of any and all library funding spent within a district.

Additionally, Legacy funds have allowed many communities within the SELCO/SELS region to enjoy educational and culturally enhancing program opportunities.  SELCO has tracked the expenditures by each Minnesota House district, and then combined them for the Senate districts to reflect the impact they have on our community.  While the fund itself was approved by the people of Minnesota, appropriations to different organizations (such as regional libraries) is determined by legislators.  Because of this, it is important to remind our elected representatives of all the benefits we are able to provide our communities with these funds. 

To access your district’s summary, please follow the links below:

House District 20B
House District 21A
House District 21B
House District 24A
House District 24B
House District 25A
House District 25B
House District 26A
House District 26B
House District 27A
House District 27B
House District 28A
House District 28B
House District 58B
Senate District 20
Senate District 21
Senate District 24
Senate District 25
Senate District 26
Senate District 27
Senate District 28
Senate District 58