Committee Members

According to SELS Bylaws, members are elected to three-year terms beginning on January 1st of the first year and ending on December 31st of the third year.  Members may serve for no more than three consecutive terms.

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Public Library Representatives Term
Rachel Gray, Van Horn Public Library  2nd Term: 2020 – 2022
Ingvild Herfindahl, Dodge Center Public Library 2nd Term: 2018 – 2020
School Library Media Center Representatives Term
Janeen Perrizo, St. Charles Public Schools 2nd Term: 2020 – 2022
Diane Spence, Lake City Public Schools 1st Term: 2020 – 2022
Academic Public Representative Term
Russ Dennison, Winona State University 1st Term: 2018 – 2020
Academic Private Representative Term
Special Library Representative Term
Susan Garwood, Rice County Historical Society 1st Term: 2020 – 2022