SELCO and SELS are proud to offer a wide range of support services designed to enrich and enhance libraries in southeastern Minnesota.  These services cover the needs for both the Online Libraries and other members.

Universal Services – those that all libraries in the region receive

Technology Services – those that Online Libraries receive

Universal Services

There are a number of services that are of importance to all libraries in the region that SELCO is happy to supply.

  • Continuing Education & Training – For libraries needing to keep up to date on technology, advocacy, reader’s advisory, or any other topic in the library world, SELCO provides both classes and workshops.
  • Library Support Services – SELCO offers consulting services to help member libraries on topics such as grants, advocacy, and the library annual report to the state.
  • Legacy Programs – As part of the Arts & Cultural Heritage Amendment, SELCO currently receives grant dollars to work on both region-wide and local initiatives to preserve Minnesota’s cultural heritage or promote the arts.
  • Reading Programs – A core of library programming has always been reading programs and SELCO works to cover the subject from early literacy to summer reading to adult reading.
  • SELCO Library Foundation – A separate 501(c)(3) organization that provides a repository and stewardship for contributions made to libraries in southeastern Minnesota.
  • Special Collections – SELCO hosts a number of kits and other programming materials for libraries to utilize for fast programming or just to change up their own offerings.

Technology Services

When a member library decides to become automated, they become an Online Library.  With this status, they are privy to a number of services.

  • Electronic Resources – From databases to eBooks, SELCO helps libraries provide information online to their patrons.
  • Integrated Library System – The core of an automated library is its database of holdings.  Online Libraries work heavily with the Horizon database to manage their collections as well as various periphery services such as catalog materials and handle eCommerce.
  • Interlibrary Loan and Delivery – SELCO serves as a node for the delivery of books between Online Libraries.
  • PC and Internet – SELCO provides a range of services to help libraries manage their Internet connection and the PCs used by both staff and patrons.
  • WordPress Library Blog – SELCO offers hosting services for Online Libraries to maintain their presence on the web plus some built in frills.