Practical Librarianship topics were pulled directly from a survey of our membership. Four professional development workshops are scheduled throughout our fiscal year.  This series brings in professionals from many areas of librarianship and covers a wide range of topics designed to help you keep on top of the latest developments, learn innovative techniques, and ensure that you are constantly learning skills to provide the best service possible to your patrons.  Sign up for one or all four! 

Previous Seasons:  FY2017  |  FY2016

FY2019 season is being planned.  Check back later for more info!


FY2018 Season (Brochure):

Held:  Book Repair  |  Library Policies  |  Community Engagement  |  Collection Development & Weeding

Book Repair

Presented by Pam O’Hara, MLIS, Information Services Librarian, SELCO

This is a hands-on workshop designed to demonstrate quick and easy techniques for extending shelf life on general circulating materials in public and school libraries.  Discussion will include book triage and what makes a book worth saving.  Participant will also learn common repairs: tipping in loose pages, broken spines, torn headers, loose or broken hinges, and ripped pages. Tools, materials, and resource and tutorial handouts will be provided. 

Please bring actual books from your collection that need these types of repairs:  Broken spine  |  Loose or broken hinge  |  Torn header  |  Loose page  |  Ripped page

HELD: Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Library Policies

Presented by Krista L. Ross, Executive Director, SELCO/SELS

Policies are essential to a library’s operation.  Well-written, up-to-date policies provide guidance for library staff decisions and ensure that the community receives the best possible library service.  In the morning session you will learn:

  • The steps for creating and evaluating library policies
  • How to determine if your policies are legally defensible
  • Types of policies libraries should have
  • Policies vs. procedures

In the afternoon session, you’ll have an opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice. Tap into the collective knowledge of the group for help with your most challenging policy questions.

Krista Ross – Presentation Slides


HELD: Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Community Engagement

Presented by Cindy Fesemyer, Director, Columbus Public Library (WI); UW-Madison iSchool, Associate Lecturer

Community engagement is more than a current library fad. It’s how public libraries will remain relevant for years to come. Learn how to take the pulse of your community and tailor your library’s offerings to help your community meet its aspirations.

Participants will:

  • Have a big picture understanding of the ALA Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC) programs
  • Learn the basics of the Harwood Institute’s community engagement theory and experience some Harwood tools
  • Map their community

The Columbus Story Presentation  |  Harwood Geek Out Presentation  |  Aspirations for the Community Exercise  |  Community Mapping Exercise  |  Program Partner Worksheet  |  Interviewing for Community Engagement Exercise  |  Interviewing for Community Engagement SkillsALA Libraries Transforming Communities  |  Go Out & Play: Community Engagement Through Turning Outward (video)  |  A Step-by-Step Guide to “Turning Outward” to Your Community (workbook)

HELD: Tuesday,    March 13, 2018

Collection Development & Weeding

Morning Session: Presented by Jill Smith, Director, Bayport Public Library, MN

There’s a reason we use the word “weeding” to describe the process of taking materials out of collections.  We want a collection that looks well-tended and cared for.  It all starts with a useful collection development policy.  Learn how to write one or update an existing policy and translate it into useful practice by integrating it into your daily workflow.  Learn how weeding practices can help in other work, like selection and cataloging, and get tips on communication about weeding to staff stakeholders and the community.

Presentation  |  Request for Reconsideration  |  Policy Worksheet  |  Bayport Public Library Collection Development Manual

Afternoon Session:

Hear from a panel of your peers about their best practices for collection development and weeding using the regional system.  You’ll learn more about reports and measurements, inventory management, their weeding process, and how they address weeding within the community, etc.

After the panel, SELCO Staff will be available for assistance with any questions or hands-on demonstrations of running reports, etc. within the ILS.

HELD: Tuesday, May 15, 2018