Piggy BankSELCO/SELS endorses professional development by supporting individuals wishing to attend continuing education programs offered outside this region.  Individuals employed within the library of a member institution may apply for a scholarship to attend programs such as library seminars and workshops, pre-conference programs, conferences, and other educational programs which will benefit service at the local library as well as regional library service.

Announcements are made in advance when scholarship applications are being accepted for conferences and the amount of support available for each scholarship may depend upon the event for which you have applied.  All applicants use the same following form:  SELCO/SELS Continuing Education Scholarship Form

Scholarships by SELCO/SELS are regularly granted for the following conferences:

Besides the above regularly scheduled conferences, SELCO/SELS also sets aside funds for scholarships to attend other professional development events, so if there’s something you’d like to attend we encourage you to fill out the form and apply today!