Piggy BankSELCO provides scholarships to employees of SELCO or SELS member libraries for continuing education opportunities. Scholarships reimburse recipients for eligible expenses paid for a conference or other continuing education event. 

Eligible expenses may include registration fees, lodging, transportation, meals, and more. Scholarship recipients will be required to submit itemized receipts. Meal reimbursement does not cover alcoholic beverages. 

Periodically, SELCO announces scholarship opportunities for specific conference events. However, SELCO encourages applications for any continuing education opportunity that would benefit service at the local library and/or regional level. These applications may be submitted at any time in advance of the event. The amount of support available for each scholarship will be determined on a case-by-case basis dependent on multiple factors, including the event for which you have applied, the number of other applications received, and the amount remaining in the budget for scholarships. 

In order to receive reimbursement, recipients will be required to submit itemized receipts and the Conference Event Report form within 30 days following the event.  Please note that your event report will be shared as a news item on the SELCO/SELS website.

Please use the following forms:  Scholarship Application  |  Conference Event Report

Check with SELCO if you have any questions.