The SELCO/SELS Users Meeting (SUMmit) is held in the spring. It is designed to be an all-day event with keynote speakers, presentations, and discussions. The 2018 SUMmit is located at the SELCO offices on Friday, April 27. SUMmit is free and open to the staff of all SELCO/SELS member libraries.

SUMmit 2018

9:00 – 3:45


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Opening Keynote

21st Century Library Skills – Valerie Horton (Minitex)

The strongest leaders are those who are lifelong learners, said Pepsi’s CEO. What skills do library staff need in an era of fierce competition, austerity, and rapidly changing patron behaviors? How can library employees flourish during uncertain times? This program looks at the big trends impacting our profession and the changing role of the library in the community. Those trends will be tied to ‘doable’ recommendations on how to acquire the new skill sets we need going into the future.

Breakout Session 1

Ebooks MN – Valerie Horton (Minitex)

Several years ago, the library community of Minnesota collectively asked for state-level entities to look into accommodating the need for ebooks. From this, Minitex created Ebooks MN, an online ebook collection for all Minnesotans. It covers a wide variety of subjects for readers of all ages and features content from our state’s independent publishers. Even better, it’s free for use and has no wait times!

Giving a Great Presentation – Rachel Gray (Pine Island Van Horn Public Library), Anne Marie Griffin (Rochester Public Schools), Samantha TerBeest (Winona Public Library)

Never presented at a conference or even at a team meeting before? Not to worry! This panel will guide you through the tips and tricks to making a great presentation. See how to design, deliver, and know how to wow!

Recap: User Security – Mike Flores (SELCO)

Join Mike Flores, SELCO/SELS User Technology Manager, to learn some basic online security techniques for use at home, and in the library. This informational workshop will cover such things as phishing, passwords, and best online security practices.

Breakout Session 2

Technology Library Talks – SELCO Staff

Similar to the Technology Users Group, SELCO staff will discuss a variety of technology talks. This particular session will look at setting up relationships with third-party vendors and what’s expected from all parties involved. It’ll also look at the elements of borrowers and items in Horizon and how they interact. Finally, a review of what Citrix is, how to set it up, and how it works concludes the program.

Creating Community Partnerships – Jennifer Harveland (SELCO), Amy Nelson (SELCO)

Amy and Jennifer will brainstorm with participants to help expand the concept of what it means to be a “Community Partner.”  We will talk about identifying potential partners and building connections in unlikely places.  If you are considering applying for Community Collaboration grants, seeking additional ways to engage the community, or enhance public relations and advocacy for your local library, this session will be useful.

Recap: Horizon Reports – Cheryl Hill (SELCO)

This hands-on workshop, led by Cheryl Hill, Technical Services Librarian at SELCO will give library staff the opportunity to develop confidence, share knowledge and ask questions about Horizon and Web Reporter reports.


Have a question on how SELCO does what it does or why? Following lunch, Krista Ross, Donovan Lambright, and Jen Schroeder will answer questions submitted by you, our users. Even if you’re unable to attend, you are welcome to submit questions.

Have a question? Submit it here.

Breakout Session 3

Chrome Devices in Public Library – facilitated by Patrick Mulrooney (Austin Public Library)

Think of this as an opportunity for to share your experiences with those who come to the session, provide them resources, welcome input from other libraries using Chrome devices, and answer questions that might arise around the topic.

Breakout Box Programming – Chris Austin (SELCO), Ingvild Herfindahl (Dodge Center Public Library)

Have you ever heard of a break out room or an escape challenge? Stuck in a specially-designed room with an hour to solve the puzzles and break free, it has become quite the trend. Well, rather than designing a room with special doors and locks, why not have a portable kit which contains all the clues and puzzles you need to hold your program just about anywhere? Saves time, expensive, and keeps the program mobile!

Recap: Book Repair – Pam O’Hara (SELCO)

This is a hands-on session designed to demonstrate quick and easy techniques for extending shelf life on general circulating materials in public and school libraries. Discussion will include book triage and what makes a book worth saving. Participants will also learn to do a spine repair together. Tools and materials will be provided.

Closing Keynote

More Than Just Stats – Joe Manion (State Library Services)

Pending summary from Joe Manion himself, this session will look at what you can do with all of the stats you gather on an annual basis. Instead of just putting them in the an annual report and forgetting them, find how they show where you can be directing your programming, funding, and other efforts.

Social Reception

Following the day (starting around 4), SELCO will may a reservation at a local facility for people to decompress and discuss among themselves what they’ve learned.