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SELCO is proud to offer eBooks to school library patrons through Mackin as a Value-Added Service. This service is supported through a value-added automation fee paid by those libraries participating. It is available to all school libraries in the region regardless of automation system.

Materials are listed in SELCO Online Catalog for those school libraries automated through SELCO and through the individual school districts’ MackinVIA portals.

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Member school libraries may elect to sign up at any time. However, billing is for a school year. The cost of eBooks was never intended to be solely the responsibility of the school library budget. SELCO is very willing to speak to district decision makers if that would be helpful.


Mackin has provided their own page with information on the SELCO MackinVIA collection. On it are introductory videos, lesson plans, information on how to set up Backpacks, and the MARC records for the records in the SELCO collection.


SELCO used $40,000 in grant funds to license the initial selection of 1,800 titles.  The base collection and future purchases will be guided by practitioners so that the collection will address the diverse curriculum needs around the region. SELCO is committed to using 100% of each district’s per pupil contribution to build the collection. Thus the future size of the collection is directly dependent upon the number of schools and the student population participating.

Initial Grant Purchased Collection (September 2014)

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