Did you know that SELCO will cataloging materials for online libraries?

Send your new or donated material to us, either through the online submission form or through delivery, addressed to SELCO CAT. SELCO will catalog the material, and you will be billed the following fees per item:

Copy cataloging: $2.50/item

Original cataloging: Books: $20.00/item, Media: $35.00/item, Miscellaneous: contact the Help Desk for pricing

(+$5.00/item for foreign language material)

Material will be sent back to you with a bib# attached so you can create your item record. If you use the online submission form, you’ll receive an email either when the bibs are completed or SELCO needs the material sent through delivery for further analysis. The fee(s) will be added to your automation charges.  Please contact the Help Desk with questions.