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Cataloging Manual

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Cataloging Training

SELCO currently offers cataloging classes for online member libraries. The classes teach staff to identify and retrieve new quality records form the OCLC database when a record does not exist in the ILS. Students are then taught how and what to edit to adhere to local and national standards. Differences between AACR2 and RDA are focused on in the second class.

In order to have permission to edit/add MARC records to the ILS, one of these two classes must be taken.  Online remote training is available for Cataloging Fundamentals via SELCO’s Cloth training system. To register for Cloth or see dates for in person classes please visit the SELCO training page

  • Cataloging Fundamentals – Designed for school libraries or those who catalog infrequently. Walks through the basics of the MARC record and OCLC record identification and retrieval.
  • Copy Cataloging: The Next Steps – Designed to provide more detailed and comprehensive understanding of local and national polices governing MARC records and the differences between AACR2 and RDA.

Add Items Training

The ability to add/edit item records in the ILS is so fundamental to the running of a library that supervisors are encourage to train their staff to follow local collection codes, itypes and other local practices. Add items training will be covered in Cataloging Fundamentals if requested. Click here for step by step instructions for adding items. Add Items training is also available as remote online training via Cloth on the SELCO training page.