SELCO Online Libraries have full cataloging benefits with OCLC. Benefits include:

Access to Worldcat: streamline the cataloging process by importing bibliographic records from Worldcat. To receive login credentials, Online Library staff must take training.

Cataloging Partners (Vender Loads) : provides further streamlining of your cataloging process, by working with Baker & Taylor and other vendors to provide records for your titles. SELCO takes care of adding the records to Horizon. All you need to do is add your item. Some vendors charge fees for this service, which are the responsibility of the Online Libraries. For more information please contact the helpdesk.

MNlink Holdings: The statewide resource sharing discovery platform, MNLINK is using holdings from OCLC to determine availability of items.                      

SELCO provided updates and deletes:  SELCO maintains OCLC holdings for the Online Libraries through a series of update and delete files. Specific information regarding this is covered in training

For further information or for any questions please contact the Selco Helpdesk.