Weeding with CREW

One of the most widely recognized models for weeding is the CREW method. CREW is an acronym for Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding. CREW considers both objective and subjective criteria in the evaluation process. In the CREW method there are two primary objective factors to consider: the age of the material and circulation or use. Numbers in a formula indicate these objective criteria. For various Dewey classifications, the CREW manual provides guidelines for both and age and use indicated in this manner : 10/3/MUSTIE. In this formula, the 10 indicates the material should be discarded if the last publication date was over ten years ago. The 3 indicates the item should be discarded if more than three years have passed since check out. MUSTIE refers to more subjective criteria about the physical appearance and availability of material. Click here to read the entire CREW Manual

Weeding with CREW for Schools

The CREW method is designed for small and medium-sized public library, but with a little tweaking, it can be used by school library media centers as well. To see how the CREW method can be adjusted for school media centers, check out and utilize Less is more a practical guide to weeding school library collections from the SELCO professional collection.

ALA Bibliography

Another resource is a great bibliography located here provided by ALA. This bibliography covers several different manuals including some that are School Media specific.

Booklist Weeding Tips

Booklist is a library trade magazine published by the American Library Association for the last 100 years which contains reliable review of recently published material and other tips and tricks for librarians all over the country. As of early 2012, Rebecca Vnuk at Booklist is running a series on Weeding Tips for libraries. See the links below for the individual articles on weeding at your library.

Weeding Tips: The Basics

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Weeding Tips: Shelf by Shelf: 400s and 500s