Stack of BooksResource sharing is the most important reason libraries belong to the regional consortium. Interlibrary loan allows libraries to share collections and access material through SELCO’s Integrated Library System (ILS).  Materials are also available from libraries throughout the state through MNLINK.

All of this material moving from place to place happens through the SELCO/SELS delivery system.  Around 3,200 items pass through SELCO delivery daily, allowing for smooth and timely transfer of materials for the libraries and their patrons.

NOTE: Library materials in most school library media centers on the SELCO ILS will not be requestable May – August.

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Interlibrary Loan Information (ILL)

  • ILL Contacts List
  • Lost & Damaged Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Reimbursement Claim
  • ILL Dividend
    • Since the Online Libraries have elected to participate in the SELCO Integrated Library System (ILS) in order to share resources, SELCO and SELS recognize the substantial contribution made by net lenders within the consortium by providing an annual ILL Dividend.
    • The ILL Dividend is based on the total number of items loaned to other Online Libraries compared to the total number of items borrowed in a calendar year, January 1 and ending December 31, with all data drawn from the SELCO ILS.


SELCO contracts with Alliance Courier to deliver library materials to SELCO and SELS member libraries.  SELCO is a regional hub in the statewide network, handling materials delivered daily through the MINITEX Delivery Service.

Important Info: 

Delivery Count Schedule and Current Statistics
4th Monday in March 4th Monday in August Monday Prior to Thanksgiving Holiday in November
March 2018: 3606 August 2018*: 2788 November 2018: 2995

*Number tends to be smaller due to school libraries being closed during the summer months.


  • MNLINK is a statewide virtual library that electronically links you to Minnesota’s rich library resources.  Through the MNLINK Gateway libraries, you have access to electronic resources including online catalogs from over 20 Minnesota library systems.  SELCO is the connection point for member libraries in Southeastern Minnesota to the MNLINK Gateway.
  • SELCO/SELS Libraries Handling of MNLINK Items