SELCO Vetted Performers – FY16-17

The list below contains our 19 current Vetted Performers.  SELCO Libraries are currently limited to three (3) program applications for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.  The three programs may be selected from any of these offerings, in any combination.  Press kit information can be found in the link next to each performers name.

Arranged Alphabetically by First Letter:  C-D  |  E-G  |  I-J  |  K-M  | N-R 

Vetted Performer Poster Templates *  

*If you have an upcoming performance by The Lyceums, we will create the poster when the application comes in with the specific program they will be doing.


CWsquareCharlie Maguire Press Kit

Folk Singer Charlie Maguire writes and sings songs that tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things that helped to shape our local culture and national history. A singer and songwriter in the tradition of Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie, he has performed music for over 40 years. Charlie has recorded five albums and has written for Minnesota Monthly, the Star Tribune (Minneapolis), and for National Public Radio.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 612.709.3848

DDsquareDazzling Dave Press Kit

Dazzling Dave Schulte, yo-yo Master and performer, does all kinds of tricks and incorporates science into his presentation. A professional yo-yo performer and highly acclaimed champion who has circled the globe since 1998, Dave thrills audiences everywhere with his tricks and tips, all designed to entertain, educate, and illuminate the beauty of the growing sport of professional yo-yo.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 763.229.9696

birdEagle Bluff – Birds of Prey / STARLAB Press Kit

The Live Birds of Prey Program features a combination of three of four live birds-a red tailed hawk, a barred owl, an American kestrel or a turkey vulture. All of these birds have injuries which prevent them from living in the wild, so they serve their species by being ambassadors. Eagle Bluff is a private, non-profit residential environmental learning center.


The STARLAB program features an inflatable planetarium to showcase 3,000 stars of different colors and sizes, as well as the constellations. Whether it’s telling the stories behind the stars or focusing on the stars of the seasons, this program is great for all ages and addresses Minnesota K-8 academic standards.  *Please note, STARLAB’s planetarium can hold no more than 60 students at a time.  Because of this restriction, SELCO allows for 3 STARLAB programs at the same location on the same day for one Vetted Program.*

E-mail:  |  Phone: 507.467.2437

ESBsquareEverett Smithson Band Press Kit

The Everett Smithson Band plays a variety of original music as well as standards with a unique spin. Host a musical celebration featuring New Orleans / French Quarter Music, Zydeco, Blues, Rockin’ Roots, Hillbilly Hoedowns, gospel and more. Everett Smithson has been a professional musician since 1983, and has been playing the harmonica since 1970. Everett believes it is important to keep blues alive and enjoys teaching kids about this uniquely American music genre.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 763.682.2251

GHsquareGary Harbo Press Kit

Come and learn to draw with Gary Harbo, a talented author and illustrator with 23 children’s books to his credit. He has shared his love for books and illustrations at more than 500 schools and libraries during his career. Join us for a program the whole family can enjoy. During his visit, he will show artists of all ages how to draw cartoons and create illustrations for stories we might want to write.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 651.450.7427

GSsquareGreg Skillestad  Press Kit

Greg the Great began practicing magic at age 10, and he can levitate, cause members of the audience to float, cut his assistant in half, and make animals appear, disappear, reappear, and even transform! This family-friendly show features Greg’s blend of comedy and magic with lots of audience interaction.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 507.456.4617

LDWTSsquareIn the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theater Press Kit

Loon’s Song  is the story of constellations moving into their spring location.  Grandfather Turtle waits with anticipation for the return of his beloved granddaughter, Loon.  He remembers the Ojibwe stories he told her and some of the lessons they carry.

The Way of the Monarch follows the spectacular metamorphosis and migration of the monarch butterfly. This beloved creature transforms from egg to larva to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly to international traveler.

TMWLSsquareNalah and the Pink Tiger is based on a picture book by Minnesota Author and puppeteer, Anne Sawyer.  She drew inspiration for this story from her lively little niece.  The story celebrates the joyful explosiveness of a child’s imagination.  *Can be performed in Spanish.*

On the Day You Were Born is based on the award-winning book by Debra Frasier.  The story explores the scientific phenomena that unfolded on the day “you” were entered the world.  This puppet show celebrates the miracles of the earth.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 612.721.2535

IOSsquareThe International Owl Center Press Kit

Choose from a variety of live owl programs are an exciting way to learn about the environment. Family-friendly programs featur-ing a real live owl to teach us about these amazing creatures. We will learn what’s so special about owls, their behaviors, and why they do not make good pets. Programs must be indoors in a generally insect-proof building due to the risk of the West Nile Virus.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 507.896.6957

JHsquareJason Huneke Press Kit

Jason’s original comedy and juggling are what sets him apart from the rest. Clean enough for kids, smart enough for adults, and edgy enough for teens and young adults. From Las Vegas to Minneapolis, Jason has performed his G-rated comedy show at large and small venues in every major US city. Companies such as Harley Davidson, Disney, Bayer, Pfizer and Hormel all agree – Jason’s live show rocks!

E-mail:  |  Phone: 612.666.7217

JJsquareJim Jayes Press Kit

Jim Jayes has been entertaining children of all ages for over 30 years. The show will feature marionettes and puppets, each with their own personality and story, and magic tricks that will amaze and delight young audiences. In 1997, Jim moved to the Austin, Minnesota area where he lives with his wife Cindy and their two daughters.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 507.438.8309

KSsquareKevin Strauss Press Kit

Award-winning author and storyteller Kevin Strauss tells stories of the natural world to entertain, educate and inspire children and adults alike. The program will last approximately 45 minutes and is guaranteed to make kids think about the world around them in a whole new way. Kevin is the author of three books, including Tales with Tails: Storytelling the Wonders of the Natural World (Libraries Unlimited, 2006), and winner of the 2008 Storytelling World Award.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 507.993.3411

LPSsquareLaura Purdie SalasPress Kit

Laura has written more than 125 books for kids, including several award winners. Laura enjoys sharing her love of reading, poetry and writing with students. Her presentations are interactive and appropriate for a wide range of ages. Laura believes that books are pieces of magic, conjured up to entertain us, keep us company, and show us the whole world and she shares that love with her audience.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 763.494.8498

TLsquareThe LyceumsPress Kit

Robert and Lynn Halbrook have been performing educationally significant assembly and summer reading programs for elementary schools and libraries throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1998. Strategically weaving entertaining routines with educational messages (benefits of reading, appropriate eating habits, regular exercising habits, bullying, etc.) has become their trademark.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 218.879.1278

MELsquareMelanie HoffertPress Kit

Writing Our Way Home — All of our lives are rich with story. Yet, how does one turn the accumulation of thoughts, memories, childhood landscapes, and relationships into compelling narratives? Where do we start? And, after we start—where do we go? This class will provide an introductory tour through the creative nonfiction writing process. Participants will take part in class discussion and a variety of writing exercises.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 952.818.4170

NECsquareNational Eagle CenterPress Kit

Learn all about eagle biology, ecology, natural history and cultural connections, the program will be presented by a naturalist interpreter and features a live eagle ambassador. Cameras are welcome. The National Eagle Center is a world-class interpretive center located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Wabasha, MN. It is home to five rescued eagles, four bald eagles and one golden eagle.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 651.565.4989

POharaPam O’HaraPress Kit

Pam offers bookbinding workshops for all ages. Her offerings include: Bookbinding with office supplies, Origami Fold books, Little Books, Basic Book Repair and Accordion Fold books.

E-mail:  |  Phone: 507.421.8034

RZooSquareReptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo (RAD Zoo)Press Kit

The program is fun for all ages and designed to instill a greater understanding of these unique animals and the incredible lives they live. A variety of reptiles and amphibians will be on hand, including frogs, a salamander, turtles, lizards, snakes, and a small crocodilian. At the conclusion of the presentation there will be an opportunity for audience members to come up and take a closer look at the animals and a chance to touch one or two of the animals in a controlled setting. Hand sanitizer is provided!

E-mail:  |  Phone: 888.472.3966