SELCO’s  Marketing Consultant, Lindsey Larson, is developing a Marketing Service in the first half of FY2020 with a couple of pilot sites.

In the meantime, here are a few examples of how she can help your library:

  • edit/proofread newsletters, articles, PowerPoint presentations, grant applications, or other documents
  • assist in creating publicity schedules for library programs and special events
  • write generic customizable press releases
  • facilitate collaboration with multiple libraries to expand reach of publicity efforts (for example, a county-wide promotion)
  • provide on-site social media training
  • assess current communication 
  • consult on advertising or fundraising campaigns, from developing your message to creating publicity materials

There are a variety of marketing resources on the Info Portal. In addition, Lindsey manages SELCO’s Facebook content, which is intended to be of interest to library patrons and can be shared by any library.

If you submit an item for proofreading or editing, please allow up to 3 business days for a response. Other tasks will require more advance notice; please feel free to reach out to get information and find out how far in advance information is needed to complete a project.

The Marketing Consultant is not a graphic artist but can provide simple graphics to be used in social media or PowerPoint presentations if given 2 weeks’ notice. Larger projects will require a graphic artist. If you don’t already work with a particular graphic artist, you can request to be connected with a graphic artist who will work within your budget.

Please contact marketing Consultant Lindsey Larson directly by email or call 507.288.5513 for further details or to share your ideas for a project to find out how she can offer assistance. All marketing services are offered as collaborative efforts to ensure library communication is presented as library staff wish.