CollectionHQ Pilot Libraries

The pilot libraries included in this grant are Albert Lea, Chatfield, Owatonna, Spring Grove, and Zumbrota.

CollectionHQ Training

Online training is being provided for the pilot libraries on CollectionHQ. Training sessions have included instruction on changing administrative options, running collection removal and collection development reports, and using CollectionHQ for experimental selections. These online sessions have been recorded and are available from SELCO.

Collection Development and Management Workshop

 As part of the grant, SELCO hosted presenter Peggy Johnson for a collection development workshop on November 5, 2014. The workshop was open to all libraries in the region. Through the full-day workshop, participants learned the importance of collection development and management. They  discussed the importance of collections policies and how to write one, looked at techniques for developing, managing, and weeding collections, and looked at different methods of collection analysis. Each library left having developed their own action plan for updating their collection development plans.

CollectionHQ Timeline and Expectations – Pilot Libraries Only

 The 5 pilot libraries are free to use CollectionHQ to its fullest extent during the grant period. At minimum, they are expected to run and act on 2 or 3 specific reports each month. Specific guidelines are set out in CollectionHQ Pilot Libraries Initial Timeline.