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This plugin provides an easy shortcode macro to generate a list of Holiday materials for the given holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving). Both the title and cover image are links to the online catalog search results page. Shortcode examples:

[selco_holiday_material lib_code=zum]
[selco_holiday_material lib_code=zum holiday=christmas]

lib_code is your library’s Horizon location code;
holiday is the holiday for the list of material. Valid values are Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. If the holiday value provided is in any of the subject headings for an item, it will be included in the list.

For items to be included in this list they must have a status of ‘i‘, ‘o‘, ‘tr‘, or ‘h‘:

  • i = available
  • o = checked out
  • tr = transit
  • h = held

Installation instructions

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Change Log

Date of Change Ticket Description
2013/11/06 15950 Version 2.0 call to SELCO Web Service to get XML list
2014/02/10   Change base URL for SELCO Horizon web service to the permanent sub domain and version to 2
2015/01/29 21211 Add the auto-update functionality