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This plugin provides an easy shortcode macro to generate a details of an item with cover art from Syndetics (if available). Both the title and cover image are links to the online catalog search results page. Author(s) are also links to the online catalog. The ISBN, publication date, and item summary in Horizon are also displayed.

 Shortcode examples:

[selco_item_details lib_code=zum isbn=9780553582017]
[selco_item_details lib_code=zum isbn=9780553582017 summary_size=250]

lib_code is your library’s Horizon location code;
isbn is the ISBN of the item to be displayed;
summary_size is the number of characters to of the item’s summary to be displayed before using the more link is displayed. Default size is 500 characters.

For items to be included in this list they must have a status of ‘i‘, ‘o‘, ‘tr‘, or ‘h‘:

  • i = available
  • o = checked out
  • tr = transit
  • h = held

The information elements of each item are styled with CSS classes and can be customized if your theme allows you to add custom CSS. The class selectors are:

  • selco-item-details-image
  • selco-item-details-title
  • selco-item-details-author
  • selco-item-details-isbn
  • selco-item-details-pubdate
  • selco-item-details-summary

For example, you can “hide” the ISBN buy adding the following code to your custom CSS:

    display: none;

You can “hide” any element by changing the .selco-item-details-isbn selector to appropriate selector.

Installation instructions

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Change Log

Date of Change Ticket Description
2015/03/27 21582 Version 1.0 Initial version.