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This plugin provides an easy shortcode macro to generate a list of  the movies in a library’s collection. The title is a link to the online catalog search results page. A shortcode example:

[selco_movie_list lib_code=zum item_type=nondvd]
[selco_movie_list lib_code=zum item_type=youthdvd]

lib_code is your library’s Horizon location code;
item_type specifies whether you want the new non-youth DVDs, youth DVDs, non-youth VHSs, or youth VHSs.

Valid values are:

  • nondvd
  • youthdvd
  • alldvd
  • nonvhs
  • youthvhs
  • allvhs
  • all

This parameter is optional, if not specified the plugin will list the non-youth DVDs.

For items to be included in this list they must have a status of ‘i‘, ‘o‘, ‘tr‘, or ‘h‘:

  • i  = available
  • o = checked out
  • tr = transit
  • h = held

Items must be in one of the following collection codes:

For non-youth DVDs:

  • any of the dvd codes that do not contain a j for juvenile

For youth DVDs:

  • any code beginning with dvd code that contains a j for juvenile

For non-youth VHSs:

  • any of the v codes that do not contain a j for juvenile

For youth VHSs:

  • any code beginning with v code that contains a j for juvenile 

Installation instructions

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Change Log

Date of Change Ticket Description
2013/11/06 15950 Verion 2.0 call to SELCO Web Service to get XML list of movies. Also removed aqualink from the short-code because of the change to a new online catalog. Add  an ‘alldvd’, ‘allvhs’, and ‘all’ item_type.
2014/02/10   Change base URL for SELCO Horizon web service to the permanent sub domain and version to 2
2014/06/03   Change to use AJAX to load and parse XML in the background to work around the timeout/space issue of processing the entire XML list that can be in excess of 5000 movies.
2015/01/29 21211 Add the auto-update functionality
2015/02/06 21316 Add “show available only” functionality so that the user can toggle the movie list to show only the movies that are available.
2015/02/10   Modified the AJAX code so that the initial load of items happens quicker.