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A widget that provides an easy shortcode macro to generate a list of the NYT Best Sellers with a link to the online catalog search results page using the Syndetics book cover API to obtain the cover art.

A shortcode example:

[selco_nytbs  lib_code=al  nytbs_list_code=combined-print-and-e-book-fiction]

[selco_nytbs lib_code=al nytbs_list_code=combined-print-and-e-book-fiction]
  • lib_code is your library’s Horizon location code;
  • nytbs_list_code is the New York Times Best Seller list that you would like to display.

Valid nytbs_list_code values are:

  • combined-print-and-e-book-fiction
  • combined-print-and-e-book-nonfiction
  • chapter-books

Installation instructions

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Change Log

Date of Change Ticket Description
2013/11/27 15950 Verion 2.0 create functions to build image URL and online catalog links for easy change to new Online Catalog. Take advantage of the book image returned by NYT Best Seller API.
2015/01/29  21211 Add the auto-update functionality
2016/12/02 26728  New API Key