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This plugin provides an easy shortcode macro to generate a list of your library’s most popular books (determined by the number of times it was checked out, it does not count renewals) with cover art from Syndetics (if available). Both the title and cover image are links to the Online Catalog search results page.

Shortcode examples:

[selco_top_titles lib_code=zum]
[selco_top_titles lib_code=zum top_num=20]
[selco_top_titles lib_code=zum top_num=20 period=2]
[selco_top_titles lib_code=zum top_num=20 collect=dvd]

lib_code is your library’s Horizon location code;

top_num is the number of books that will be shown. This parameter is optional, if not specified 20 will be used;

period is the period of time to count total checkouts. This parameter is optional, if not specified all will be used.

Valid values:
n =  Where n is the number of previous months to include in addition to the current month. For example: 0 will give the top checked out items for the current month; 1 will give the top checked out items for the previous month + the current month; 3 will give the top checked out items for the previous 3 months + the current month.
NOTE: Any number that is larger than the number of months between 11/2011 and the current date will generate an “Invalid parameter.” error message.
year =    previous calendar year’s top checked out items
all =     the top checked out items since 11/01/2011

collect specify the collection codes of the material that you want to display. For example, if your library wanted to display the top DVDs checked out and you use the collection code dvd for your DVDs, you could specify collect=dvd. Collection codes are treated as if there is a wild card character at the end;  collect=dvd will return new material for all the collection codes that start with a ‘dvd’, so dvd,dvdj (notice that there is no space between the comma and code) will all be returned. If you want to filter out a collection code you can list it with a ‘-‘ in front of it. For example, dvd,-dvdj will return all the non-juvenile DVDs. If this parameter is not specified it will default to books ( b and p).

Installation instructions

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Change Log

Date of Change Ticket Description
2013/11/06 15950 Verion 2.0 call to SELCO Web Service to get XML list; implement the period parameter.
2014/02/10   Change base URL for SELCO Horizon web service to the permanent sub domain and version to 2
2015/01/29 21211 Add the auto-update functionality
2017/02/10 26774 Pull SELCO Horizon web service and access code from database so that they are not in the code. This will make it a little more difficult for hacking.
2017/05/31 27081 Allow user to specify the collection code(s) (multiple collection codes need to be separated by a comma).
2018/01/08 30363 Allow for any number to be entered for the period parameter in the shortcode.