SELCO will be take the responsibility for keeping libraries’ WordPress core programs, SELCO supported themes, and SELCO supported plugins up to date. All other library installed themes and plugins will be the responsibility of the individual library to update.


SELCO will consider the released 20xx themes, child themes built on these themes, and Weaver II to be supported themes. SELCO considers these supported because and Weaver II have kept their themes compatible with the newer releases of WordPress core. If a library is not using one of supported themes SELCO will not use the auto-update feature.


Libraries using unsupported themes are responsible for scheduling a time with SELCO where the Web Development Specialist is available to help if necessary. If the library does not schedule a time, and something happens, the most that SELCO (other than the Web Development Specialist) will help you move to a supported theme.


During a scheduled update the Web Development Specialist will back up the libraries WordPress files and database prior to updating the WordPress core files and other supported plugins. The library’s responsible person will do a manual update of the theme and unsupported plugins. If theme doesn’t work with the new WordPress update it will be up to the library staff to fix the issue. The Web Development Specialist will be available to help the library get the site functional again, this will most likely involve moving the site to one of the supported themes or rolling back the update.