Understanding Horizon Settings Class in January; Moratorium on Horizon Settings Changes

Based on feedback from the ILS Operations / Technology Policy joint committee, SELCO is developing a new online training class to help library/media center Directors better understand the myriad of settings in the Horizon system and their impact on library services. Once library staff have taken Understanding Horizon Settings, SELCO staff will pay a site visit to review that library’s settings with the Director and make changes (if needed) to better fit their services.

The class will launch in CLOTH on January 04, 2019. Directors at all libraries using Horizon are required to take this class within 12 months of the launch date. Directors may choose to include their library’s Automation Contact(s) as desired. 

While SELCO completes development of Understanding Horizon Settings, we are declaring a moratorium on changes to Horizon settings. This pause will be in effect, starting today, for each library until it completes the class and the corresponding site visit. 

Thank you for your patience as we finish work on this project, which we believe will enhance the use of Horizon within the larger vision of services provided by each Online Library. Please contact the SELCO Help Desk with any questions on Understanding Horizon Settings or the settings moratorium  

Horizon Library Basics Completed

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone with a Horizon login completed the class by the deadline!  We started with over 400 logins last October, and after deleting unused accounts, 334 people completed the class.  This is a huge success! 

Going forward, every time you have a new hire at your library, the Library Basics class will be assigned to them and they will have 60 days to complete it.  This should help all of the libraries stay on track and have the same basic training in Horizon.  You are always welcome to go back and look through the class again, and if you haven’t printed them already, the handouts for the class are on the last page of the training. 


Some comments from the final survey of the Library Basics Class:

  • I appreciated the ‘refresher’.
  • Very favorable. Any new employee should take this online training after “shadowing” on the job for a day.
  • Also, this information should be printed and placed in the library’s procedure book.
  • It is a very good basic training course for someone new to working in a library or to brush up basics.
  • I thought it was easy to follow and understand. The videos did a great job at showing me exactly what I need to do. It did a good job at preparing me for this job.
  • It’s a good review, and a reminder that there are multiple ways to do the same thing.
  • I like the training!
  • Very informative. I learned a lot.
  • Quick and dirty. Or clean…easy and informative.

Horizon Reset Report

Last fall, we launched the Horizon Training Reset year, which requires every user in the system to take the training within a year. Today, we have completed five months of the reset and 154 Horizon users have already completed the required Library Basics training through SELCO’s online training site: CLOTH.

Feedback we have received indicates that people in the region are happy to have the online option, which takes about an hour to complete. Consistent training makes the system more secure and more efficient for all users. For those who prefer not to take online training, the same training is offered in-person at the SELCO office.

Check the Training Page for class offerings, dates and times. The next Library Basics is scheduled for May 1 from 9:30-12:30 at SELCO.

Any new staff will have 60 days to complete the Library Basics training online before their Horizon login will expire. Please contact the Help Desk if you need more time.


Scholastic Training Sessions

Online Libraries of the region have access to the Scholastic Go! databases as part of their online membership. These databases are: Amazing Animals of the World, America the Beautiful, Lands and People, The New Book of Popular Science, and La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre. Scholastic itself is offering a number of online training sessions in the near future. Register today to learn more about the product features, use cases, and best practices for implementing them in your library classroom.

Tuesday, September 12
1:00 – 2:00 PM
Click to Register

Wednesday, September 27
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Click to Register

Thursday, October 5
10:00 – 11:00 AM
Click to Register

Monday, October 16
3:00 – 4:00 PM
Click to Register

Wednesday, November 15
2:00 – 3:00 PM
Click to Register

Tuesday, November 28
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Click to Register

Wednesday, January 10
2:00 – 3:00 PM
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Applications Open for Media Literacy @ Your Library

The American Library Association (ALA), in collaboration with the Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University, invites public libraries to apply for Media Literacy @ Your Library, a pilot program that will train library workers to help their adult patrons become better news consumers. ALA and the Center for News Literacy will work with teams from five public libraries to adapt existing media literacy training materials to serve the needs of public librarians and the communities they serve.

The cohort teams will attend an in-person training and use their skills to conduct related adult public programs in their communities. Team members will also provide feedback on the training and serve as advisers to, and beta testers for, the development of a corresponding web-based curriculum for the library field.


Read the guidelines for Media Literacy @ Your Library or apply online to be part of the cohort. Applications must be received by Sept. 11, 2017.

Selected libraries will receive:

  • An intensive six-month experience that will include training and support for a three-person library team to develop and implement media literacy programming for adult patrons.
  • $1,500 for program-related expenses, such as travel, promotion and public programming costs.
  • In-person media literacy workshop training, to be held on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, in Chicago.
  • Two nights’ hotel lodging and some meals at the in-person workshop for three library representatives. (Note that travel costs to Chicago are at the library’s expense or must be paid from the $1,500 stipend.)
  • Communications support, access to a community of practice, and technical and programming support.


Rescheduled: Summer Reading Program Kickoff

Due to the icy weather the Summer Reading Program Kickoff for the SELCO region has been rescheduled for Tuesday, January 31, 2017 from 9:30a-2:30p.  With this new date we realize that this alters the opportunity for some folks to attend, as such we’re re-doing the registration so that any and all folks who might be able to attend on the day can respond.  Please click the link below to register for the new 1/31 Summer Reading Program Kickoff date:


Even if you registered the first time, please do so again as this makes it much cleaner and easier to keep track of possible attendees.  Registration will remain open until 1/26/17.  We appreciate your flexibility and patience in the rescheduling of this event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Reagen Thalacker at or call the SELCO office at 507.288.5513.

Tax Season Outreach Materials

Tax Season Is Slowly Approaching–Order Outreach Materials and Mark Your Calendars

Your library probably receives at least a few questions about taxes during the tax season. State Library Services is working again with Prepare + Prosper’s statewide outreach campaign, Claim it!, and the Minnesota Department of Revenue to provide your library with free resources and a webinar in December.

Order outreach materials from Prepare + Prosper for your library to help individuals find out if they qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit and to help them locate a free tax preparation site. Place your order before Monday, October 31 and you’ll receive the free materials in December.

Prepare + Prosper and the Department of Revenue will host a webinar for libraries with resources and information to help you during the 2017 tax season. The webinar will take place on:   Wednesday, December 14 at 11 a.m.

Register for the webinar today and library staff from around the state in December. Please contact Emily Kissane (651-582-8508) with questions or to request a reasonable accommodation to participate in this event. Note: MDE requires a two-week advance notice in order to provide the requested accommodation and requires a 48-hour notice in order to cancel a requested accommodation.

OverDrive Resources

When it comes to support for OverDrive eBooks at your library, did you know that OverDrive has a number of training resources to get your staff feeling more knowledge and comfortable with those interactions? You can find video resources and guides on their Resources site at:
In addition to stock videos, OverDrive offers monthly Basics webcasts. The OverDrive User Experience in particular could be useful for your staff. It is offered on the second Tuesday of every month. You can register on their site under the Live Webcasts tab; just choose Southeastern Libraries Cooperating as your library when you register for simplicity’s sake.
Other resources for more urgent issues would be through the OverDrive Help website: That site includes a number of useful tools such as guides on getting started with a new device or navigating the OverDrive catalog.  It is also designed for patrons to locate information on their own for the more self-sufficient types.

MNLINK – New Interface Goes Live September 19th

MNLINK Logo - 2016

As previously announced, the new MNLINK public search site will launch on Monday, September 19th.  Starting on that day, we will begin changing links and information pertaining to the site.  For Online Libraries, this will include:

  • Links on the SELCO website
  • Links in each library profile within Enterprise
  • Links accessed via dedicated PACs

Online Libraries are responsible for updating links on their own websites, including those hosted by SELCO.  In addition, for all libraries that link to MNLINK, anywhere that the name is written should be changed to MNLINK in all capital letters.  The logo has also been updated and should be changed accordingly.

The volume of these changes is such that we cannot provide exact time-frames for the transition at a given library.  Our goal, however, is to have everything changed by Wednesday, September 21st.  The old site will stay up until October 19th, which gives us some leeway.

The new link is: .  Don’t try to update early, however.  Until Monday, it simply points to the current site.

Feeling a little unprepared for the transition?  Minitex has made a recorded training session available to those who weren’t able to attend a session earlier.

Don’t forget the MNLINK FAQs that were created to assist your staff in responding to user queries.  The expectation is to update the FAQs as Minitex hears more from you about the information users are seeking. 

Other promotional materials (posters, bookmarks, brochures, etc.) are being finalized and will be made available soon.

For more information on the MNLINK transition, please contact the SELCO Help Desk (

ELM & eBooks MN Webinars, Fall 2016

ELM Logo

Register now for webinars relating to ELM and Ebooks Minnesota.

Click below for webinar descriptions and registration.