2014 PC Lease Program

I am pleased to announce that SELCO is now taking signed contracts for the 2014 PC Lease Value Added Service. A contract has been sent out to Online Library Directors and Automation Contacts. A copy of the contract can be downloaded at the PC Leasing service page listed below.

 PC Leasing customer libraries will lease some or all of their PCs from Dell, with SELCO managing the paperwork and financial management of the lease. At the end of the three year lease term, which starts in January 2014, SELCO assumes responsibility for returning the equipment to Dell. If the customer library chooses to renew the lease for another three years, the old PCs are simply replaced with new ones. 

  • Advantages of PC leasing include: 
  • Spreading cost of PCs out over a three-year period without additional financing costs
  • Making PC costs a regular, predictable item in the library budget
  • Ensuring that PCs are uniform and standardized throughout the library
  • Eliminating PC disposal costs

Further information on the PC Leasing service can be found on our PC Leasing page.

Signed contracts must be returned to SELCO, no later than November 15, 2013. Because there are several agencies coordinating their activities, the project timeline is fixed and this deadline must be firm. We cannot take contracts after the end of the business day on November 15th. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this lease, please feel free to contact the SELCO Help Desk. Thank you.